David Mosley Garo Khanarian
Garo Khanarian, David Wayne Mosley: Heat stable aryl polysiloxane compositions. Rohm and Haas Company, Jonathan D Baskin, March 27, 2012: US08142895 (2 worldwide citation)

A curable aryl siloxane composition is disclosed. A heat stable cured aryl polysiloxane composition is further disclosed, along with a method of making that heat stable cured aryl polysiloxane composition from the curable aryl siloxane composition. An encapsulated semiconductor device, and a method ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert L Angell, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Synthetic events for real time patient analysis. International Business Machines Corporation, Yee & Associates P C, John R Pivnichny, March 27, 2012: US08145582 (46 worldwide citation)

Generating synthetic events based on a vast amount of data. First and second data are received. The first data is organized into a first cohort. The second data is organized into a second cohort. The first cohort and the second cohort are processed to generate a synthetic event. The synthetic event ...

Eb Eshun
Kobi O Eshun, Donald W Mahurin: Method and apparatus for thwarting spyware. GSS Law Group, March 27, 2012: US08146164 (7 worldwide citation)

A trusted apparatus including an input filter, security mode indicator working with a proxy node thwart the possibility of spyware being able to observe user input when a security mode signal indicates security mode asserted. The trusted apparatus may further include any combination of the user inpu ...

Bahman Qawami
Po Yuan, Javier CaƱis Robles, Mei Yan, Fabrice Jogand Coulomb, Ahmet Altay, Bahman Qawami, Patricia Dwyer, Robert Chin Tse Chang, Oktay Rasizade, Farshid Sabet Sharghi: Method and system for creating and accessing a secure storage area in a non-volatile memory card. Sandisk Technologies, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, March 27, 2012: US08146153 (4 worldwide citation)

In order to create and access a secure storage account in a non-volatile memory device, an account identification value is calculated. A memory identification value is read from a first non-volatile memory device. The memory identification value and the account identification value are transmitted t ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois: Method for synthesis of acrolein from glycerol. Arkema France, Steven D Boyd, March 27, 2012: US08143454 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a technology for producing acrolein from glycerol while maintaining high reagent partial pressures, which leads to higher yield. The invention more particularly relates to a method for producing acrolein from glycerol that comprises the intermediate step of forming glycerol an ...

Ozgur Yildirim
Bradley D Chung, Bhavin Shah, Anthony M Fuller, Ozgur Yildirim, Garrett E Clark: Heating element. Hewlett Packard Development Company, March 27, 2012: US08141986

A heating element of a fluid ejection device includes an insulative layer, a resistor portion interposed between and spaced apart from a pair of conductive portions, and an upper structure defining a fluid chamber above the resistor portion. The insulative layer defines a shoulder portion adjacent a ...



James J Bedi, Adam R Dunki Jacobs: Surgical stapler comprising a staple pocket. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 27, 2012: US08141762 (361 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler can comprise an anvil comprising a staple pocket formed in a tissue contacting surface. The staple pocket can comprise a longitudinal axis, a first forming cup, and a second forming cup. The first forming cup can comprise a first interior sidewall comprising a first vertical porti ...

Denise Demarais, Hanson Gifford III, Mark Deem, Douglas Sutton, Howard R Levin, Mark Gelfand: Methods for renal neuromodulation. Ardian, Perkins Coie, March 27, 2012: US08145317 (247 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus are provided for treating hypertension, e.g., via a pulsed electric field, via a stimulation electric field, via localized drug delivery, via high frequency ultrasound, via thermal techniques, etc. Such neuromodulation may effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusio ...