Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred Charles Thomas III, Bryce Carl Wemple, Charles Shilling, Allen O Buckner: Interface adapter systems and methods. Hewlett Packard Development Company, February 16, 2012: US20120042112-A1

Interface adapter systems and methods are provided. An adapter means can be provided for coupling a first interface to a second interface, the second interface configured to accommodate the coupling of a peripheral device. A detector means can be provided for detecting the peripheral device. A means ...


Somakumar R Somakumar R
Adnan Kutubuddin Bohori, James William Bray, Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava, Somakumar Ramachandrapanicker, Jay Chakraborty, Suma Memana Narayana Bhat, Neelmegh R: Contactless power transfer system. General Electric Company, February 2, 2012: US20120025758-A1

A contactless charging system is presented. The contactless charging system includes an electrical outlet coupled to a power source and comprising a primary coil. An inlet on a vehicle comprising a dielectric region is disposed within a cavity. A secondary coil is disposed within the cavity and coup ...

Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Chinniah Thiagarajan, Frans Adriaansen, Bhawesh Kumar: Apparatus for connecting panels. Sabic Innovative Plastics Ip, February 23, 2012: US20120042599-A1

Disclosed herein are connectors for panels. In one embodiment a panel connector comprises, a connector comprising a rib-hinging geometry, wherein the rib-hinging geometry comprises living hinges, and wherein the rib-hinging geometry is capable of expanding in area. In another embodiment, a panel ass ...

Private Ugochukwu Njoku
John R Flanagan, Daniel F Casper, Matthew J Kalos, Dale F Riedy, Gustav E Sittmann, Ugochukwu C Njoku, Catherine C Huang: Providing indirect data addressing for a control block at a channel subsystem of an I/O processing system. International Business Machines Corporation, Cantor Colburn, John Campbell, February 14, 2012: US08117347

An computer program product, apparatus, and method for facilitating input/output (I/O) processing for an I/O operation at a host computer system configured for communication with a control unit. The computer program product includes a tangible storage medium readable by a processing circuit and stor ...

Erkin B. Nurgaliov
叶尔肯 拜山: 一种针对不同访问终端的互联网视频数据提供方法. 叶尔肯 拜山, February 29, 2012: CN201110350066.X


James Kraemer Ph.D.
Joanna Lynn Fueyo, Robert Lee Angell, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Determining efficacy of therapeutic intervention in neurosychiatric disease. International Business Machines Corporation, Yee & Associates P C, John R Pivnichny, February 28, 2012: US08126228 (4 worldwide citation)

A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for determining the efficacy of neuropsychiatric therapy is provided. A neuroimage mapping manager automatically compares a first set of regions of interest in a first set of scans taken at a first time to a second set of regions ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Rosangela Pirri, Jean Luc Dubois: Impact additives. Arkema France, February 23, 2012: US20120046416-A1

The invention relates to a polymer of core-shell structure containing a core having at least one elastomeric polymer, with a glass transition temperature of less than 25° C., and a shell having at least one polymer, with a glass transition temperature of greater than 25° C., where at least one of th ...


Ethan Simon
Mary Jo Kulp, Ethan S Simon, Darrell String: Chemical mechanical polishing pad having window with integral identification feature. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials CMP Holdings, Thomas S Deibert, February 21, 2012: US08118641 (1 worldwide citation)

Chemical mechanical polishing pads having a window with an integral identification feature, wherein the window has a polishing face and a nonpolishing face, wherein the integral identification feature is observable through the window, and wherein the integral identification feature identifies the ch ...

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