Brian Thomas
Michael E Hawkins, Dirk L Pletcher, Brian Thomas, Kai Zhang, Hallie E Brinkerhuff: Methods of preparing hydrogel coatings. Zimmer, Cook Alex, February 7, 2012: US08110242 (21 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides hydrogel coated, implantable medical devices and methods of coating hydrogels onto implantable medical devices. In one embodiment, a hydrogel coated medical device is formed by physically treating a surface of the medical device, chemically treating the surface, applyi ...


Marc Van Damme
Johan Loccufier, Stefaan Lingier, Hubertus Van Aert, Jan Venneman, Marc Van Damme: Heat-sensitive positive-working lithographic printing plate precursor. Agfa Graphics, Keating & Bennett, February 7, 2012: US08110338

A heat-sensitive positive-working lithographic printing plate precursor includes a support having a hydrophilic surface or which is provided with a hydrophilic layer, a heat-sensitive coating including an IR absorbing agent, a phenolic resin, and a first polymer, wherein the first polymer is an alka ...

Keith L Milliman, Thomas Wenchell, Philip C Roy: Surgical tilt anvil assembly. Tyco Healthcare Group, February 7, 2012: US08109426 (207 worldwide citation)

A surgical tilt anvil assembly including a rod and a head assembly including an anvil plate having staple deforming pockets. The head assembly is pivotally secured to the rod and pivotal in relation to the rod between a first tilted position, a non-tilted position and a second different tilted posit ...

Robert A Kennewick, David Locke, Michael R Kennewick Sr, Michael R Kennewick Jr, Richard Kennewick, Tom Freeman: System and method for user-specific speech recognition. VoiceBox Technologies, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, February 7, 2012: US08112275 (201 worldwide citation)

The systems and methods described herein may recognize natural language utterances that include queries and/or commands and execute the queries and/or commands based on user-specific profiles. The systems and methods described herein may include a complete speech-based information query, retrieval, ...

Kevin L Parker, Gary B Pollard, Gary W Scott: Method and apparatus for bi-directional communication with a miniature circuit breaker. February 7, 2012: US08111148 (149 worldwide citation)

A wireless electrically isolated plug-n-play communications system for branch circuit breakers. The system providing means for automatically connecting the wireless electrically isolated communication system between the branch circuit breaker and a communications strip as the branch circuit breaker ...

Younan Lu: Systems and methods of performing speech recognition with barge-in for use in a bluetooth system. Sensory, Chad R Walsh, Fountainhead Law Group P C, February 7, 2012: US08112280 (145 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the present invention improve methods of performing speech recognition with barge-in. In one embodiment, the present invention includes a speech recognition method comprising starting a synthesis of recorded speech, receiving a user speech input signal providing information regarding ...

Eugene J Alexander, Thomas P Andriacchi, Philipp Lang, Daniel Steines: Assessing the condition of a joint and devising treatment. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers, February 7, 2012: US08112142 (121 worldwide citation)

Methods are disclosed for assessing the condition of a cartilage in a joint, particularly in a human knee. The methods include converting an image such as an MRI to a three dimensional map of the cartilage. The cartilage map can be correlated to a movement pattern of the joint to assess the affect o ...

Stefan M van den Oord, Mark H Smit: System and method for asynchronous client server session communication. MasterObjects, Fliesler Mayer, February 7, 2012: US08112529 (120 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a session-based bi-directional multi-tier client-server asynchronous information database search and retrieval system for sending a character-by-character string of data to an intelligent server that can be configured to immediately analyze the lengthening string character-by- ...

John Hen: Hemostatic compositions for arresting blood flow from an open wound or surgical site. Biolife L L C, Charles J Prescott, February 7, 2012: US08110208 (118 worldwide citation)

A hemostatic composition for stopping or decreasing blood flow from an open wound or medical or surgical procedure. Compositions of the invention comprise a mixture of a cationic polymer and a cation exchange material. In one embodiment, the composition comprises a mixture: (1) a high molecular weig ...