Brian Thomas
Michael E Hawkins, Dirk L Pletcher, Brian Thomas, Kai Zhang, Hallie E Brinkerhuff: Methods of preparing hydrogel coatings. Zimmer, Cook Alex, February 7, 2012: US08110242 (7 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides hydrogel coated, implantable medical devices and methods of coating hydrogels onto implantable medical devices. In one embodiment, a hydrogel coated medical device is formed by physically treating a surface of the medical device, chemically treating the surface, applyi ...


Marc Van Damme
Johan Loccufier, Stefaan Lingier, Hubertus Van Aert, Jan Venneman, Marc Van Damme: Heat-sensitive positive-working lithographic printing plate precursor. Agfa Graphics, Keating & Bennett, February 7, 2012: US08110338

A heat-sensitive positive-working lithographic printing plate precursor includes a support having a hydrophilic surface or which is provided with a hydrophilic layer, a heat-sensitive coating including an IR absorbing agent, a phenolic resin, and a first polymer, wherein the first polymer is an alka ...

Keith L Milliman, Thomas Wenchell, Philip C Roy: Surgical tilt anvil assembly. Tyco Healthcare Group, February 7, 2012: US08109426 (166 worldwide citation)

A surgical tilt anvil assembly including a rod and a head assembly including an anvil plate having staple deforming pockets. The head assembly is pivotally secured to the rod and pivotal in relation to the rod between a first tilted position, a non-tilted position and a second different tilted posit ...

Robert A Kennewick, David Locke, Michael R Kennewick Sr, Michael R Kennewick Jr, Richard Kennewick, Tom Freeman: System and method for user-specific speech recognition. VoiceBox Technologies, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, February 7, 2012: US08112275 (147 worldwide citation)

The systems and methods described herein may recognize natural language utterances that include queries and/or commands and execute the queries and/or commands based on user-specific profiles. The systems and methods described herein may include a complete speech-based information query, retrieval, ...

Eugene J Alexander, Thomas P Andriacchi, Philipp Lang, Daniel Steines: Assessing the condition of a joint and devising treatment. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers, February 7, 2012: US08112142 (114 worldwide citation)

Methods are disclosed for assessing the condition of a cartilage in a joint, particularly in a human knee. The methods include converting an image such as an MRI to a three dimensional map of the cartilage. The cartilage map can be correlated to a movement pattern of the joint to assess the affect o ...

Younan Lu: Systems and methods of performing speech recognition with barge-in for use in a bluetooth system. Sensory, Chad R Walsh, Fountainhead Law Group P C, February 7, 2012: US08112280 (97 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the present invention improve methods of performing speech recognition with barge-in. In one embodiment, the present invention includes a speech recognition method comprising starting a synthesis of recorded speech, receiving a user speech input signal providing information regarding ...

Stefan M van den Oord, Mark H Smit: System and method for asynchronous client server session communication. MasterObjects, Fliesler Mayer, February 7, 2012: US08112529 (96 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a session-based bi-directional multi-tier client-server asynchronous information database search and retrieval system for sending a character-by-character string of data to an intelligent server that can be configured to immediately analyze the lengthening string character-by- ...

John Hen: Hemostatic compositions for arresting blood flow from an open wound or surgical site. Biolife L L C, Charles J Prescott, February 7, 2012: US08110208 (86 worldwide citation)

A hemostatic composition for stopping or decreasing blood flow from an open wound or medical or surgical procedure. Compositions of the invention comprise a mixture of a cationic polymer and a cation exchange material. In one embodiment, the composition comprises a mixture: (1) a high molecular weig ...

Scott T Becker, Michael C Smayling: Integrated circuit device with linearly defined gate electrode level region and shared diffusion region of first type connected to shared diffusion region of second type through at least two interconnect levels. Tela Innovations, Martine Penilla Group, February 7, 2012: US08110854 (79 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device includes a substrate portion having a plurality of diffusion regions defined therein. The semiconductor device includes a gate electrode level region including a number of conductive features defined to extend in only a first parallel direction. Adjacent ones of the number of ...

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