Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred Charles Thomas, Oliver Brandt, John Michael Main, Derek W Hanson: Video display systems. January 26, 2012: US20120019646-A1

Various embodiments of the present invention arc directed to video display systems. In one embodiment, a video display system comprises a display screen; and a video capturing system. The video capturing system is configured to capture line-of-sight video images of a video display user's face and ey ...

Private Ugochukwu Njoku
Harry M Yudenfriend, Daniel F Casper, John R Flanagan, Matthew J Kalos, Dale F Riedy, Louis W Ricci, Roger G Hathorn, Gustav E Sittmann, Ugochukwu C Njoku, Catherine C Huang, Scott M Carlson: Determining the state of an I/O operation. International Business Machines Corporation, Cantor Colburn, John Campbell, January 31, 2012: US08108570

A state of an input/output (I/O) operation in an I/O processing system is determined. A request for performing the I/O operation is received from an I/O operating system at a channel subsystem and forwarded to a control unit controlling an I/O device for executing the I/O operation. After a predeter ...

Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate Bob Ware
Francis Joseph Lipiecki, Stephen G Maroldo, Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate, Robert A Ware: Method of preparing organometallic compounds. Rohm and Haas Company, Tifani M Cottingham, January 24, 2012: US08101787 (5 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing an ultra-pure organometallic compound comprising using a microchannel device and ionic liquid solvent to produce an ultra-pure alkylmetal compound for processes such as chemical vapor deposition.

Private Ugochukwu Njoku
Scott M Carlson, Daniel F Casper, John R Flanagan, Charles W Gainey, Roger G Hathorn, Catherine C Huang, Matthew J Kalos, Ugochukwu Charles Njoku, Louis C Ricci, Gustav E Sittmann: Exception condition handling at a channel subsystem in an I/O processing system. International Business Machines Corporation, Cantor Colburn, John Campbell, January 10, 2012: US08095847

A computer program product, apparatus, and method for handling exception condition feedback at a channel subsystem of an I/O processing system using data from a control unit are provided. The computer program product includes a tangible storage medium readable by a processing circuit and storing ins ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert Lee Angell, David Wayne Cosby, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Measuring a cohortS velocity, acceleration and direction using digital video. International Business Machines Corporation, Yee & Associates P C, John R Pivnichny, January 31, 2012: US08107677 (11 worldwide citation)

A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for identifying positional data for an object moving in an area of interest. Positional data for each camera in a set of cameras associated with the object is retrieved. The positional data identifies a location of each camera in ...

Stéphane Bilodeau
Stéphane Bilodeau: Energy accummulator system. Groupe Énerstat, Norton Rose Or, January 31, 2012: US08107804

An energy accumulator system for accumulating heat from a heat source for subsequent supply to a heat demand, comprises an energy accumulator having a storage material in a heat-exchange relation with the heat source so as to store heat produced by the heat source. A controller is connected to the e ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Vage Oganesian, Ilyas Mohammed, Craig Mitchell, Belgacem Haba, Piyush Savalia: Microelectronic elements having metallic pads overlying vias. Tessera Research, January 26, 2012: US20120018868-A1

A microelectronic unit, an interconnection substrate, and a method of fabricating a microelectronic unit are disclosed. A microelectronic unit can include a semiconductor element having a plurality of active semiconductor devices therein, the semiconductor element having a first opening extending fr ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Vage Oganesian, Ilyas Mohammed, Craig Mitchell, Belgacem Haba, Piyush Savalia: Active chip on carrier or laminated chip having microelectronic element embedded therein. Tessera Research, January 26, 2012: US20120018895-A1

A structure including a first semiconductor chip with front and rear surfaces and a cavity in the rear surface. A second semiconductor chip is mounted within the cavity. The first chip may have vias extending from the cavity to the front surface and via conductors within these vias serving to connec ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Vage Oganesian, Belgacem Haba, Ilyas Mohammed, Craig Mitchell, Piyush Savalia: Non-lithographic formation of three-dimensional conductive elements. Tessera Research, January 26, 2012: US20120018894-A1

A method of forming a conductive element on a substrate and the resulting assembly are provided. The method includes forming a groove in a sacrificial layer overlying a dielectric region disposed on a substrate. The groove preferably extends along a sloped surface of the substrate. The sacrificial l ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Vage Oganesian, Belgacem Haba, Ilyas Mohammed, Craig Mitchell, Piyush Savalia: Microelectronic elements with rear contacts connected with via first or via middle structures. Tessera Research, January 26, 2012: US20120018863-A1

A microelectronic unit includes a microelectronic element, e.g., an integrated circuit chip, having a semiconductor region of monocrystalline form. The semiconductor region has a front surface extending in a first direction, an active circuit element adjacent the front surface, a rear surface remote ...

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