Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Hair styling attachment and hair styling device having such an attachment. Wik Far East, Margaret Polson, Oppedahl Patent Law Firm, January 17, 2012: US08096307 (2 worldwide citation)

A hair styling attachment for connection to a device producing an air stream, such as an air curler, has two arms connected together with an articulated joint. The facing top sides of the arms have complementary working surfaces which form a hair styling gap. At least one arm is capable of motion ab ...

Steven Jobs
Rainer Brodersen, Rachel Clare Goldeen, Jeffrey Ma, Mihnea Calin Pacurariu, Steven Jobs: Organizing and sorting media menu items. Apple, Fish & Richardson P C, January 17, 2012: US08099665 (3 worldwide citation)

A method of organizing episodic content includes identifying a list of items associated with episodic content and sorting the list of items based on at least episode order upon a prompt.

Frank J Viola: Surgical fasteners coated with wound treatment materials. Tyco Healthcare Group, January 17, 2012: US08097017 (290 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure relates to surgical fasteners and more particularly to surgical fasteners coated with wound treatment materials. According to an aspect of the present disclosure, a surgical fastener for use in combination with a surgical fastener applying apparatus is provided. The surgical f ...

Aristeidis Karalis, Andre B Kurs, Robert Moffatt, John D Joannopoulos, Peter H Fisher, Marin Soljacic: Wireless energy transfer. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fish & Richardson P C, January 17, 2012: US08097983 (198 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an apparatus for use in wireless energy transfer, which includes a first resonator structure configured to transfer energy non-radiatively with a second resonator structure over a distance greater than a characteristic size of the second resonator structure. The non-radiative energy tra ...

Amar N Ray, Michael K Bugenhagen, Robert J Morrill, Cadathur V Chakravarthy: System and method for adjusting the window size of a TCP packet through remote network elements. Embarq Holdings Company, Patton Boggs, January 17, 2012: US08098579 (190 worldwide citation)

A system for adjusting the window size of a TCP packet on a packet network including a receiving transport layer device configured to determine network performance information of the packet network; concatenate the network performance information into the data packets; adjust the window size of the ...

Thomas R Hessler: Pouch used to deliver medication when ruptured. Tyco Healthcare Group, January 17, 2012: US08096458 (171 worldwide citation)

An anvil assembly for a circular stapling device includes an anvil head configured to support an anvil plate thereon, a shaft extending from the anvil head and configured to selectively engage a rod member of the circular stapling device, an anvil plate operatively connected to the anvil head, where ...

Todd F Mozer, Forrest S Mozer: Voice interface and search for electronic devices including bluetooth headsets and remote systems. Sensory, Chad R Walsh, Fountainhead Law Group P C, January 17, 2012: US08099289 (160 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for improving the interaction between a user and a small electronic device such as a Bluetooth headset are described. The use of a voice user interface in electronic devices may be used. In one embodiment, recognition processing limitations of some devices are overcome by employi ...

Amor Chowdhury, Gregor Breznik, Klemen Verdnik, Bor Prihavec: Customer identification and authentication procedure for online internet payments using mobile phone. Ultra Proizvodnja Elektronskih Naprav D O O, McDermott Will & Emery, January 17, 2012: US08099077 (155 worldwide citation)

This invention shows a mobile terminal device (3) having a memory unit (3a) and an interface device (3b) which is releasably connectable to a multiple partner system (7, 9, 15) and capable for a communication therein, wherein said communication is provided by a front-end formed by said mobile termin ...

Lujun R Jia, Andrew F Patka: Assigning priority to network traffic at customer premises. Verizon Patent and Licensing, January 17, 2012: US08099517 (151 worldwide citation)

A device may receive a message from a client device and determine whether the message includes particular data. The device may identify an address within a particular address group when the message includes the particular data. The traffic associated with addresses within the particular address grou ...

Yasuyuki Arai: Wireless power supply system and wireless power supply method. Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, Husch Blackwell, January 17, 2012: US08099140 (147 worldwide citation)

An object is to provide a system for improving convenience for users, by which a portable electronic device or the like can be charged even in a place where utility power is not available. Another object is to provide a system which allows a service provider to easily perform customer management. A ...