Bhawna Kulshreshtha
KULSHRESHTHA BHAWNA, MONNISSEN LUC, BLAYAC LAURENT: Bimodal polyethylene composition for injection moulded articles, Bimodale Polyethylen-Zusammensetzungen für Spritzgussanwendungen, Composition de polyéthylène bimodale pour articles moulés par injection. BOREALIS, January 4, 2012: EP2402391-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Bimodal high density polyethylene composition for producing moulded articles comprising - an ethylene homopolymer or an ethylene alpha-olefin copolymer which is a bimodal high density polymer (COMPONENT A) in combination with - an alpha nucleating agent (COMPONENT B), - a slip agent being a primary ...

FOX DAVID ANDREW, CHAMI YOUSSEF, ALLEN STEVE, MCCRACKEN JOHN: [en] Control of transmission of data based on assessed/predicted radio conditions. VODAFONE, January 4, 2012: GB2481715-A (67 worldwide citation)

[en] A mobile telecommunications network includes a plurality of terminals 1200, a core 1218 and a radio access network 1214 having radio means for providing wireless communication resources to the terminals. The radio access network includes control means 700 operable to control the allocation of n ...

PERGAMENT DAVID, TOMS YANN, SENOT CHRISTOPHE, BETGE BREZETZ STEPHANE: Method for displaying adapted audiovisual contents and corresponding server, Anzeigeverfahren von angepassten audiovisuellen Inhalten, sowie entsprechender Server, Procédé daffichage de contenus audiovisuels adaptés et serveur correspondant. ALCATEL LUCENT, January 4, 2012: EP2403239-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

La présente invention concerne un procédé d'affichage de contenus audiovisuels adaptés à au moins un utilisateur sur un moyen d'affichage (3) d'un terminal (1) comprenant un récepteur de contenus audiovisuels. Selon l'invention, ledit procédé comprenant les étapes suivantes : - on identifie un profi ...

WEI YIN, IYER SUBRAMANIAN, CAMPAGNA RICHARD, WOOD JAMES: Dual-Mode Multi-Service VPN Network Client for Mobile Device, VPN-Netzwerk-Client mit Dualmodus-Mehrfachdienst für mobile Vorrichtung, Client de réseau VPN multi-services à mode double pour dispositif mobile. JUNIPER NETWORKS, January 4, 2012: EP2403211-A1 (35 worldwide citation)

An integrated, multi-service network client for cellular mobile devices is described. The multi-service client includes a VPN handler having an interface programmed to exchange the network packets with the security manager for application of the security service, wherein the VPN handler is configura ...

NOH KENSIN: Mobile terminal and method for controlling operation of the mobile terminal, Mobiles Endgerät und Verfahren zur Steuerung des Betriebs des mobilen Endgeräts, Terminal mobile et procédé de commande du fonctionnement du terminal mobile. LG Electronics, January 4, 2012: EP2402846-A2 (23 worldwide citation)

A mobile terminal and a method for controlling the operation of the mobile terminal are provided. In the method, an operation screen is displayed on a display module and a pointer including a click region, which is at least partially transparent, is displayed on the operation screen. An operation co ...

YASUI NORIYUKI, KODAMA NAOFUMI, MIYAGAWA MASUO, SEKIYA SHOTARO, KAWAMURA KENICHI, ISHIKAWA TOMOYA: Hair care device, Haarpflegevorrichtung, Appareil de soins des cheveux. PANASONIC ELEC WORKS, January 4, 2012: EP2401939-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

To an air inlet port 2a of a hair dryer 1, a porous protection frame body 10 that finely divides an opening region of the air inlet port 2a is attached, and further, a mesh-like filter 11 that divides an opening region of the protection frame body 10 more finely is arranged on an outside of the prot ...

CHAMI YOUSSEF, FOX DAVID, ALLEN STEVE, MCCRACKEN JOHN: Radio resource management based on location prediction, Auf der Vorhersage des Aufenthaltsortes basierendes Funkressourcenmanagement, Gestion des ressources radio basée sur la prédiction demplacement. VODAFONE IP LICENSING, January 4, 2012: EP2403290-A1 (16 worldwide citation)

A mobile telecommunications network includes a core and a radio access network having radio means for wireless communication with mobile terminals registered with the network, wherein the radio access network includes control means 700 operable to control the use of network resources by the mobile t ...


MACFARLANE ALISTAIR: Zero voltage switching PFC converter and LED lighting, Nullspannungsschaltender leistungsfaktorkorrigierender Konverter und LED-Beleuchtung, Convertisseur à correction de facteur de puissance à commutation en tension nulle et éclairage à DEL. MACFARLANE ALISTAIR, January 4, 2012: EP2403120-A2 (12 worldwide citation)

Described are improvements in power factor control and systems embodying said improved power factor control. Improvements lie in a method of zero voltage switching in which a capacitor (Cres) is placed in parallel with a switching device (T1) , and the switching device (T1) is operated responsive to ...

BURGESS SIMON DAVID: [en] Games console controller with buttons on underside. BURGESS SIMON DAVID, January 4, 2012: GB2481633-A (12 worldwide citation)

[en] A hand held gamepad or controller 10 for a games console (not shown) includes controls 2, 3, 4, 5 provided on a top surface for operation by the thumbs of a user, and controls 6, 7, 8, 9 provided on a front, shoulder or bumper surface for operation by the index fingers of the user. The back sur ...

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