Durga Malladi
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Systems and methods for evaluating packets and frames in a wireless communication system having multiple reverse-link channels including a spontaneous, burst oriented transmission channel and its corresponding rate indicator channel. One embodiment comprises a base station monitoring the rate indica ...

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A computer program product includes a tangible storage medium readable by a processing circuit and storing instructions for execution by the processing circuit for performing a method. The method includes receiving a message to transmit from the channel subsystem to the control unit. The method also ...


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A system includes a processor which has access to a representation of model of activity, which includes workspaces. Each workspace includes domain hierarchies for representing an organizational structure of the collaborating users using the system, and initiatives hierarchies representing process st ...

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A method for conversational computing includes executing code embodying a conversational virtual machine, registering a plurality of input/output resources with a conversational kernel, providing an interface between a plurality of active applications and the conversational kernel processing input/o ...

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Disclosed is a low bend loss optical fiber including: a core; an inner layer disposed at outside of the core, which has a refractive index lower than a refractive index of the core, the refractive index of the inner layer gradually decreasing as it becomes farther from the core; and a trench layer d ...

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A method for providing a perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) transducer is described. The PMR transducer provided includes a PMR pole and yoke structure coupled with the PMR pole. The method includes providing a hard mask and an intermediate layer. A first portion of the hard mask resides on the ...

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A magnetic element includes a pinned layer, a nonferromagnetic spacer layer, and a free layer. The nonferromagnetic spacer layer resides between the pinned layer and the free layer. The free layer has a track width of not more than 0.08 micron.

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A client computer requests a resource from an ISP/OSP. The ISP/OSP maintains multiple instances of the resource. In deciding to which instance of the resource to route the client computer, a resource selection server takes network routability information into account. Geographic proximity, resource ...

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A disk drive is disclosed wherein boot data is transmitted from a first plurality of data sectors to a host during a first boot operation, and a log is maintained identifying a plurality of the transmitted data sectors. The log is used to write the boot data to a boot disk space comprising a second ...