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Instruments of an instrumentation set may be used to prepare a disc space and to insert an implant into the prepared disc space. The instruments may include fixed tip distractors and/or modular tip distractors. The instruments may include a chisel. The chisel may allow simultaneous removal of a desi ...

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An adjustable visual optical element is provided, which may be supported, for example, by an eyeglass. The optical element is preferably adjustable in each of the X, Y, and Z axes to allow the wearer to optimize projection of the optical element. A view axis of the display is preferably also angular ...

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The present foot prosthesis includes various structural features that provide the foot with advantageous rollover properties. In certain embodiments, the foot guides rollover toward the medial side. For example, an asymmetrical upper element and a correspondingly shaped resilient ankle member suppor ...

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A method for providing solidified software in a computing environment includes creating a new reference for a function in a function table; copying an address of the function and associating the address with the new reference; replacing the address associated with an old reference of the function wi ...

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Providing enhanced emergency services (E-911) to an IP Telephony-based PBX or similar system, by utilizing aspects of the intelligence of end-user SIP client devices to address challenges and difficulties associated with E-911-like services in LAN-based telephony environments.