Craig Allen
Craig Allen Carnes, Robert Francis Pitman: Grooved, Corner-Ready Wall Base. Burke, September 15, 2011: US20110221092-A1

A resilient wall base member manufactured with pre-scored grooves to allow relatively short, straight lengths to be used for both flat walls and wall corner junctures without on site scoring operations or equipment. The lengths can either be pre-cut during manufacturing to convenient lengths or can ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois: Method for the synthesis of an omega-amino acid or ester starting from a monounsaturated fatty acid or ester. Arkema France, September 15, 2011: US20110224454-A1

The invention relates to a method for the synthesis of ω-amino alkanoic acids or esters thereof starting from unsaturated natural fatty acids passing through an ω-unsaturated nitrile intermediate compound.


Matthew J Kalos, Steven E Klein, Jens Wissenbach: Self-adjusting scsi storage port queue. International Business Machines Corporation, September 15, 2011: US20110225374-A1

A method for managing storage space in a storage port queue includes establishing a watermark for the storage port queue. The method further receives, at the storage port associated with the storage port queue, a command having an initiator-target-LUN (ITL) nexus associated therewith. Upon receiving ...

KESLER MORRIS P: Wireless energy transfer converters. WITRICITY CORPORATION, Nortrup John H, September 15, 2011: WO/2011/112795 (135 worldwide citation)

Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power converter that includes at least one receiving magnetic resonator configured to capture electrical energy received wirelessly through a first oscillating magnetic field characterized by a first plurality of parameters, and at least on ...

WON EUN TAE: Wireless power charging method and apparatus for electronic device. Samsung Electronics, Lee Keon Joo, September 15, 2011: WO/2011/112022 (133 worldwide citation)

A bidirectional wireless charging method includes performing a mode change to a requesting electronic device if charging is necessary, requesting charging from at least one electronic device, receiving status information from the at least one electronic device that has received the charging request, ...

MANNSS JURGEN: Orthopaedic instrument. DEPUY ORTHOPADIE, Alton Andrew, September 15, 2011: WO/2011/110374 (83 worldwide citation)

A patient specific instrument for use in a ball and socket joint arthroplasty procedure, method of manufacture and method of use are described. The instrument comprises an attachment mechanism for attaching the instrument to the socket of the patient, which has at least first and second parts which ...

MC DOUGAL MONTY D: System and method for host-level malware detection. RAYTHEON COMPANY, Williams Bradley P, September 15, 2011: WO/2011/112348 (76 worldwide citation)

According to one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes: accessing a set of configuration parameters, accessing a set of identifiers of files known not to be malware, and accessing a set of identifiers of files known to be malware. Further, the method includes: comparing a first file to ...

PONS JAUME: ANTIBODIES WITH pH DEPENDENT ANTIGEN BINDING. Rinat Neuroscience Corporation, Kleiman Gabriel L, September 15, 2011: WO/2011/111007 (72 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to antibodies with pH dependent binding to its antigen such that the affinity for antigen binding at physiological pH (i.e., pH 7.4) is greater than at endosomal pH (i.e., pH 6.0 or 5.5). In other words, the KD or koff ratio at pH 5.5/ pH 7.4 or at pH 6.0/ pH 7.4 is mor ...

STONE KEVIN T: Fracture fixation device. BIOMET SPORTS MEDICINE, Warner Richard W, September 15, 2011: WO/2011/112371 (66 worldwide citation)

Assemblies and methods for securing a fractured or weakened bone within a subject's body are provided. The assembly includes a frame having an adjustable flexible member construct thereon. The adjustable flexible member construct is disposed in the frame such that the adjustable flexible member and ...