Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas, Kai Zhang: Perfluorocyclobutane crosslinked hydrogels. Zimmer, Cook Alex, September 13, 2011: US08017107 (1 worldwide citation)

This invention provides water-swellable articles and hydrogels that contain a hydrophilic polymer and perfluorocyclobutane crosslinking segments. The perfluorocyclobutane crosslinking segments are covalently attached to the polymeric chains of the hydrophilic polymer so that the crosslinking segment ...


Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas, Donald Yakimicki, Robert Garryl Hudgins: Blend hydrogels and methods of making. Zimmer Technology, Cook Alex, September 13, 2011: US08017139

The present invention provides blend water-swellable materials and hydrogels suitable for use in biomedical or other applications. The blend water swellable materials and hydrogels have at least one hydrophilic polymer and at least one other polymer or oligomer having both hydrophobic and hydrophili ...

Michael Bettuchi, Brian Nentwick: Staple buttress retention system. Tyco Healthcare Group, September 13, 2011: US08016177 (379 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument is provided having systems for securing buttress material to the anvil and staple containing cartridge associated with the surgical instrument. The system includes a retainer configured to engage the anvil or the staple containing cartridge and capture the buttress mat ...

Lee Olson, Ernie Aranyi, Patrick Mozdzierz: Surgical stapling apparatus. Tyco Healthcare Group, September 13, 2011: US08016178 (365 worldwide citation)

A loading unit for use with a surgical stapling apparatus is provided and includes a tool assembly having a cartridge assembly and an anvil assembly that are movable in relation to one another; a surgical buttress releasably secured to a tissue contacting surface of the anvil assembly and/or the car ...

Michael P Whitman: Electromechanical driver and remote surgical instrument attachment having computer assisted control capabilities. Tyco Healthcare Group IP, September 13, 2011: US08016858 (250 worldwide citation)

A medical tool comprising an electromechanical driver and a surgical instrument attachment for use in invasive surgery, including a handle coupled to a flexible sheath which is in turn coupled to a surgical attachment. The handle of the driver includes the electromechanical driver and at least one p ...

Michael P Whitman, John E Burbank: Surgical device. Tyco Healthcare Group, September 13, 2011: US08016855 (247 worldwide citation)

A surgical device includes a first jaw and a second jaw in opposed correspondence with the first jaw. A first driver is configured to cause relative movement of the first jaw and the second jaw in a plane. The first driver is configured to engage a drive shaft rotatable about a rotation axis arrange ...

Christoph H Krah: Three-dimensional imaging and display system. Apple, Morrison & Foerster, September 13, 2011: US08018579 (239 worldwide citation)

A three-dimensional imaging and display system is provided in which user input is optically detected in an imaging volume by measuring the path length of an amplitude modulated scanning beam as a function of the phase shift thereof. Visual image user feedback concerning the detected user input is pr ...

Mohamed K Diab, Esmaiel Kiani Azarbayjany, Ibrahim M Elfadel, Rex J McCarthy, Walter M Weber, Robert A Smith: Signal processing apparatus. MASIMO Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, September 13, 2011: US08019400 (223 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure describes a method and an apparatus for analyzing measured signals using various processing techniques. In certain embodiments, the measured signals are physiological signals. In certain embodiments, the measurements relate to blood constituent measurements including blood oxy ...

Dino Kasvikis, Danyel J, David Farascioni, Thomas Wenchell, Philip C Roy: Surgical stapling instrument with independent sequential firing. Tyco Healthcare Group, September 13, 2011: US08016176 (220 worldwide citation)

An end effector for a surgical fastener applying instrument including a first jaw member and a second jaw member. The second jaw member includes first and second cartridges each containing a plurality of surgical fasteners, wherein each of the first and second cartridges is configured to move indepe ...