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Material passing through a piping is laced with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. As the RFID tags pass an RFID sensor, which is either adjacent to or within the piping, a flow-rate of the material is determined by counting the rate at which the RFID tags pass the RFID sensor.

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Embodiments pertain to a flexible imaging member used in electrostatography and processes for making and using the imaging member. More particularly, the embodiments pertain to a structurally simplified flexible electrophotographic imaging member that has reasonable flatness and exhibits good perfor ...

Serge Le Gonidec
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This device for controlling at least one operating variable of a regulated system comprising: a filter module for filtering at least one setpoint input to the control device, the module using a first order integrator; and a correction module for correcting the variable by servo-control, the module t ...

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A system and method of a storage expansion unit for a network attached storage device. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are storage expander systems comprising an enclosure, a communications port (the communication port configured to configured to operate under a communications protocol ...

Olivier Benoit
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A method for securing electronic device processes against attacks (e.g. side channel attacks) during the processing of sensitive and/or confidential data by a Central Processing Unit (CPU) to the volatile memory (e.g. RAM) of an electronic device such as, for example, a smart card, a PDA or a cellul ...

Yanning Song Yanning Song
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A lithium-ion battery includes a first terminal in electrical communication with a first electrode of the battery, a second terminal in electrical communication with a second electrode of the battery, a cell casing that includes a lid electrically connected to the cell casing, and a positive thermal ...

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A solid imaging apparatus is provided that includes a replaceable cartridge containing a source of build material and an extendable and retractable flexible transport film for transporting the build material layer-by-layer from the cartridge to the surface of a build in an image plane. An operator u ...

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According to an aspect of the present disclosure, a surgical instrument for operating on tissue is provided. The surgical instrument includes an end effector including a first tissue engaging member and a second tissue engaging member in juxtaposed relation to the first tissue engaging member; a gap ...

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An information management and distribution system is disclosed. The information management and distribution system facilitates the controlled exchange of contact information over a network. The system can support one or more of creation and design, rolodex, exchange, and update features. In one embo ...

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An endoscope system has an driving-section for driving an insertion-section having an instrument. The driving-section is supported by a pivoting section rotatively. The driving-section has two rollers facing each other. The insertion-section is disposed between the rollers. The insertion-section is ...