Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Chinniah Thiagarajan, Frans Adriaansen, Jyotiba Baburao Suryawanshi, Ganesh Chandan Gangadharan: Polymer panels and methods of making the same. Sabic Innovative Plastics IP, Cantor Colburn, August 9, 2011: US07992361 (5 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are multiwall panels comprising micro-scale surface features and methods of making the same. In one embodiment, a multiwall panel is disclosed. The multiwall panel comprises, a top sheet, a bottom sheet, a rib disposed between and connected to the top sheet and the bottom sheet, and ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Ilyas Mohammed, Belgacem Haba, Wael Zohni, Philip R Osborn: Microelectronic packages having cavities for receiving microelectric elements. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, August 9, 2011: US07994622 (14 worldwide citation)

Packaged microelectronic elements are provided which include a dielectric element, a cavity, a plurality of chip contacts and a plurality of package contacts, and microelectronic elements having a plurality of bond pads connected to the chip contacts.

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Joanna Lynn Fueyo, Robert Lee Angell, Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Automatically developing neuropsychiatric treatment plans based on neuroimage data. International Business Machines Corporation, Yee & Associates P C, John R Pivnichny, August 9, 2011: US07996242 (5 worldwide citation)

A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for developing neuropsychiatric treatment plans. A treatment plan generator receives a set of diagnoses for a patient. The treatment plan generator automatically analyzes medical information in a set of electronic medical literat ...

Eb Eshun
Douglas D Coolbaugh, Ebenezer E Eshun, Terence B Hook, Robert M Rassel, Edmund J Sprogis, Anthony K Stamper, William J Murphy: Heat sink for integrated circuit devices. International Business Machines Corporation, Anthony Canale, Roberts Mlotkowski Safran & Cole P C, August 9, 2011: US07994895 (4 worldwide citation)

A resistor with heat sink is provided. The heat sink includes a conductive path having metal or other thermal conductor having a high thermal conductivity. To avoid shorting the electrical resistor to ground with the thermal conductor, a thin layer of high thermal conductivity electrical insulator i ...

Steven Jobs
Freddy Allen Anzures, Greg Christie, Scott Forstall, Gregory Novick, Steven P Jobs, Imran Chaudhri, Stephen O Lemay, Patrick Lee Coffman, Elizabeth Caroline Furches: Voicemail manager for portable multifunction device. Apple, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, August 9, 2011: US07996792 (100 worldwide citation)

A computer-implemented method for management of voicemail messages, performed at a portable electronic device with a touch screen display, includes: displaying a list of voicemail messages; detecting selection by a user of a respective voicemail message in the list; responding to the user selection ...

Sumit Agarwal
Wesley Chan, Sumit Agarwal, Rama Ranganath, Leora Ruth Wiseman, Deepak Jindal: Method and system for automatically creating an image advertisement. Google, Fish & Richardson P C, August 9, 2011: US07996753 (15 worldwide citation)

A system and method for generating an electronic document are provided. A request to generate an electronic document associated with a concept is received. Content for the electronic document is suggested based on the concept. A selection of the suggested content is received. An electronic document ...

Manoj Gokhale
Manoj Prakash Gokhale: Locomotive engine multi-fuel control system and method. General Electric Company, GE Global Patent Operation, John A Kramer, August 9, 2011: US07996147 (12 worldwide citation)

A method, in certain embodiments, includes controlling a first parameter set (e.g., fuel injection timing, engine speed, etc.) of an engine to reduce specific fuel consumption to account for a plurality of different fuels alone or in combination with one another. The method also may include controll ...

Min Kyu Kim, Jong Han Jeong, Tae Kyung Ahn, Jae Kyeong Jeong, Yeon Gon Mo, Jin Seong Park, Hyun Joong Chung, Kwang Suk Kim, Hul Won Yang: Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same and flat panel display device having the same. Samsung Mobile Display, H C Park & Associates, August 9, 2011: US07994500 (351 worldwide citation)

A thin film transistor (TFT) using an oxide semiconductor as an active layer, a method of manufacturing the TFT, and a flat panel display device having the TFT include source and drain electrodes formed on a substrate; an active layer formed of an oxide semiconductor disposed on the source and drain ...

Bruce McCorkendale, Peter Ferrie: Using a hypervisor to provide computer security. Symantec Corporation, Fenwick & West, August 9, 2011: US07996836 (244 worldwide citation)

A computer includes a virtual machine controlled by a hypervisor. The virtual machine runs a virtualized operating system with running processes. A security initialization module sets the state in the virtual machine to pass execution from the virtual machine to the hypervisor responsive to a proces ...

Hyuk Min Lee, Hyun Kyung Kim, Dong Joon Kim, Hyoun Soo Shin: Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting diode. Samsung LED, McDermott Will & Emery, August 9, 2011: US07994525 (240 worldwide citation)

A nitride-based semiconductor LED includes a substrate; an n-type nitride semiconductor layer formed on the substrate; an active layer and a p-type nitride semiconductor layer that are sequentially formed on a predetermined region of the n-type nitride semiconductor layer; a transparent electrode fo ...