Ana Londergan
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A process in which a wafer is exposed to a first chemically reactive precursor dose insufficient to result in a maximum saturated ALD deposition rate on the wafer, and then to a second chemically reactive precursor dose, the precursors being distributed in a manner so as to provide substantially uni ...

Tarran Jones
Britta Hardy, Steven Tarran Jones, Leah Klapper: Humanized immunomodulatory monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of immunodeficiency. CureTech, Mor Research Applications, Winston & Strawn, July 19, 2011: US07981416 (9 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides to a humanized monoclonal antibody having immunostimulatory effects. This antibody binds specifically to B lymphoblastoid cells, induces proliferation and activation of peripheral blood lymphocytes, particularly T cells, and is capable of eliciting an anti-tumor effect ...

John Leicester Williams
John L Williams, Said T Gomaa, Joseph G Wyss: Antero-posterior placement of axis of rotation for a rotating platform. DePuy Products, Maginot Moore & Beck, July 19, 2011: US07981159 (9 worldwide citation)

A knee replacement system includes a femoral component including a lateral condylar articulating portion and a medial condylar articulating portion, a tibial tray including an upper articulating surface, and a tibial insert including (i) a first articulating portion for articulating with the lateral ...

Ana Londergan
Jeremie J Dalton, M Ziaul Karim, Ana R Londergan: Methods of providing uniform gas delivery to a reactor. Aixtron, SNR Denton US, July 19, 2011: US07981472 (5 worldwide citation)

A method of introducing gasses through a gas distribution system into a reactor involves flowing the gasses through at least two distinct gas source orifice arrays displaced from one another along an axis defined by a gas flow direction from the gas source orifice arrays towards a work-piece. During ...

Tim McAbee
Pu Gu, Timothy S McAbee, James C Peters, Mark Patrick DeLong: Methods and systems for controlling temperature of a bushing. PPG Industries Ohio, Andrew Siminerio, July 19, 2011: US07980097

Various embodiments of the present invention relate to glass fiber forming bushings, to methods of controlling the temperature of bushings having multiple segments, to systems of controlling the temperature of bushings having multiple segments, and to other systems and methods. In one embodiment, a ...

Roger DiPaolo
Nathan K Weiner, Patrick J Odoy, Eric Schultz, Mark Jones, James Overbeck, Herman Deweerd, David A Stura, Albert Bukys, Tim Woolaver, Thomas P Regan, David Bradbury, Eric Earl McKenzie, Roger DiPaolo, Christopher Miles, Joel M Katz, Ksenia Oleink Ovod: System, method, and product for scanning of biological materials. Affymetrix, Thomas J Siepmann, July 19, 2011: US07983467 (2 worldwide citation)

An embodiment of a scanning system is described including optical elements that direct an excitation beam at a probe array, detectors that receive reflected intensity data responsive to the excitation beam, where the reflected intensity data is responsive to a focusing distance between an optical el ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: High-speed scheduling apparatus for a switching node. Nortel Networks, Anderson Gorecki & Manaras, July 19, 2011: US07983273 (2 worldwide citation)

A scheduling apparatus for a switch includes multiple schedulers which are assigned in a variety of ways to non-intersecting control domains for establishing connections through the switch. The control domains are defined by spatial and temporal aspects. The control domains may be dynamically select ...


Wolfgang Fitz, Philipp Lang, Raymond A Bojarski, Daniel Steines: Patient selectable joint arthroplasty devices and surgical tools. ConforMIS, Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers, July 19, 2011: US07981158 (258 worldwide citation)

A patellar 3-D guidance tool includes a template. The template includes at least one contact surface for engaging a surface of the patella. The at least one contact surface substantially conforms with the surface associated with the patellar. At least one guide aperture directs movement of a surgica ...

Richard E Rowe, Richard J Schneider, Darryll Pleasant: Dynamic side wagering system for use with electronic gaming devices. IGT, Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson, July 19, 2011: US07980948 (214 worldwide citation)

A technique is disclosed for facilitating side wagering activities conducted at a casino which includes a casino gaming network and a plurality of gaming machines. In at least one embodiment, a casino side wagering system may be utilized to enable casinos operators to provide side wagering opportuni ...