Isaiah Oladeji
Isaiah O Oladeji: Method for fabricating copper-containing ternary and quaternary chalcogenide thin films. Sisom Thin Films, Robert J Lauf, July 5, 2011: US07972899 (2 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for depositing a solid film onto a substrate from a reagent solution includes reservoirs of reagent solutions maintained at a sufficiently low temperature to inhibit homogeneous reactions within the reagent solutions. The chilled solutions are dispensed through showerheads, one at a tim ...

yuan xing Lee
George Mathew, Hongwei Song, Yuan Xing Lee: Systems and methods for dibit correction. LSI Corporation, Hamilton DeSanctis & Cha, July 5, 2011: US07974030 (4 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for providing a corrected dibit signal. As an example, various embodiments of the present invention provide dibit correction circuits. Such dibit correction circuits include a dibit sample buffer, a maximum sample detector circ ...


John Rogers, Ralph Nuzzo, Matthew Meitl, Etienne Menard, Alfred J Baca, Michael Motala, Jong Hyun Ahn, Sang II Park, Chang Jae Yu, Heung Cho Ko, Mark Stoykovich, Jongseung Yoon: Optical systems fabricated by printing-based assembly. The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, Greenlee Sullivan P C, July 5, 2011: US07972875 (242 worldwide citation)

Provided are optical devices and systems fabricated, at least in part, via printing-based assembly and integration of device components. In specific embodiments the present invention provides light emitting systems, light collecting systems, light sensing systems and photovoltaic systems comprising ...

Daniel T Wallace, Frederic H Moll, Robert G Younge, Kenneth M Martin, Gregory J Stahler, David F Moore, Daniel T Adams, Michael R Zinn, Gunter D Niemeyer: Robotic catheter system. Hansen Medical, Vista IP Law Group, July 5, 2011: US07972298 (238 worldwide citation)

A robotic catheter system includes a controller with a master input device. An instrument driver is in communication with the controller and has a guide instrument interface including a plurality of guide instrument drive elements responsive to control signals generated, at least in part, by the mas ...

Michael Adam Moffitt, Rafael Carbunaru, Kristen N Jaax, Todd K Whitehurst: Electrode contact configurations for cuff leads. Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation, Frommer Lawrence & Haug, Bruce E Black, July 5, 2011: US07974706 (178 worldwide citation)

A stimulation system is disclosed that may include a stimulator unit coupled to electrode contacts on a cuff. In one embodiment, the cuff may be placed at least partially around a nerve. The stimulation system may include at least two electrode contacts disposed on the cuff such that a distance betw ...

Kazuo Sumita: Apparatus, method and computer program product for recognizing speech. Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, July 5, 2011: US07974844 (159 worldwide citation)

A speech recognition apparatus includes a first-candidate selecting unit that selects a recognition result of a first speech from first recognition candidates based on likelihood of the first recognition candidates; a second-candidate selecting unit that extracts recognition candidates of a object w ...

Bernard O Geaghan: Touch sensor with electrode array. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Steven A Bern, July 5, 2011: US07973771 (153 worldwide citation)

A touch sensor is provided that includes an array of discrete electrodes disposed over a touch sensitive area, the electrodes being elongated in a first direction and having a variable width measured in a second direction that is perpendicular to the first direction. A touch location can be determin ...

Donald Goff, Robert Gretta, Todd M Brower: Diagnostic access system. Michael T Perkins, PEI, July 5, 2011: US07975184 (153 worldwide citation)

A dedicated processing system for monitoring, processing and combining mass statistical diagnostic data of a process control system. Through real time and near real time network health monitoring by the system statistical inferences can be made to anticipate potential system and device problems with ...

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Devices and methods for determining analyte levels are described. The devices and methods allow for the implantation of analyte-monitoring devices, such as glucose monitoring devices, that result in the delivery of a dependable flow of blood to deliver sample to the implanted device. The devices com ...