James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert L Angell, James R Kraemer: Detection of toxic waste using RFIDs. International Business Machines Corporation, Dillon & Yudell, June 21, 2011: US07965172 (3 worldwide citation)

Toxic waste is laced with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. Subsequently, wherever the RFID tags are detected in an area, a conclusion is drawn that there is a presence, either past or present, of the toxic waste in the area.

Michael P Whitman, Donald Malinouskas, Peter Datcuk, David Nicholas: Surgical device having multiple drivers. Tyco Healthcare Group, June 21, 2011: US07963433 (251 worldwide citation)

A surgical device is provided, the surgical device including a first driver for performing a first movement function; a second driver for performing a second movement function; a first rotatable drive shaft configured, upon actuation, to cause selective engagement of one of the first and second driv ...

David E Francischelli, Roderick E Briscoe, Paul T Rothstein, David Jin Sung Kim, James R Keogh, Tom P Daigle, Adam A Podbeliski, Stephen J Roddy, Steve Christian, Brian Ross, James Skarda, Scott E Jahns, Alison Lutterman: Electrosurgical hemostat. Medtronic, June 21, 2011: US07963963 (240 worldwide citation)

A hemostat-type device for ablative treatment of tissue, particularly for treatment of atrial fibrillation, is constructed with features that provide easy and effective treatment. The device may include a swiveling head assembly that allows the jaws to be adjusted in pitch and/or roll. The device ma ...

Bryan D Knodel, Bernard A Hausen, Luke W Clauson: Driverless surgical stapler. Cardica, Brian A Schar, June 21, 2011: US07963432 (224 worldwide citation)

An exemplary driverless surgical stapler may include a staple holder; staples positioned within that staple holder; and at least one wedge, where each wedge is slidable to directly contact at least one staple, where that contact causes deployment of each contacted staple. An exemplary surgical metho ...

Pun Jae Choi, Jin Hyun Lee, Ki Yeol Park, Myong Soo Cho: Semiconductor light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor light emitting device package using the same. Samsung LED, McDermott Will & Emery, June 21, 2011: US07964881 (221 worldwide citation)

There is provided a semiconductor light emitting device, a method of manufacturing the same, and a semiconductor light emitting device package using the same. A semiconductor light emitting device having a first conductivity type semiconductor layer, an active layer, a second conductivity type semic ...

Albert N Santilli, Amit Patel: Surgical clamp assembly with electrodes. Wayne D Porter Jr, June 21, 2011: US07963964 (149 worldwide citation)

A surgical clamp assembly includes a clamp having movable jaws, each of which has a clamping surface for engaging a portion of a patient's body. An electrode forms a portion of the clamping surface of at least one of the jaws, the electrode being capable of heating, severing, or cauterizing the port ...

Robert L Bingle, Joseph Camilleri, Peter J Whitehead, Kenneth Schofield: Imaging system for vehicle. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, June 21, 2011: US07965336 (145 worldwide citation)

An imaging system for a vehicle includes a camera module positionable at the vehicle and a control. The camera module includes a plastic housing that houses an image sensor, which is operable to capture images of a scene occurring exteriorly of the vehicle. The control is operable to process images ...

Tim Swan, David McKinney: Method and system for conveying medical information to a medical service person. Sprint Spectrum, June 21, 2011: US07965983 (126 worldwide citation)

A method and system for securely conveying patient medical information to a medical service person is described. The conveyance may be conditional upon authentication of a unique code associated with a patient apparatus and a unique code associated with a medical service person apparatus. The patien ...

Roger Ryan Dees Jr: Distal femoral trial with removable cutting guide. Smith & Nephew, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, June 21, 2011: US07963968 (123 worldwide citation)

Various embodiment of the present invention provide a distal femoral trial that allows a surgeon to cut the central box geometry of a distal femur using an implant-shaped trial. The trial includes a cutting guide that is removable from the trial and adjustable with respect to the trial. The guide is ...

Fielder Stanton Lyons, Jeffrey A Mears, Gene C Weedon, Kenneth C Harding, Lisa Owen, Peter Anthony Russell, Joseph Mitchell: Ballistic-resistant panel including high modulus ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape. BAE Systems Tensylon H P M, June 21, 2011: US07964267 (121 worldwide citation)

A ballistic-resistant panel in which the entire panel or a strike-face portion thereof is formed of a plurality of sheets of high modulus high molecular weight polyethylene tape. The sheets of high modulus polyethylene tape can be in the form of cross-plied laminated layers of tape strips or a woven ...

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