Eb Eshun
Anil K Chinthakindi, Douglas D Coolbaugh, John M Cotte, Ebenezer E Eshun, Zhong Xiang He, Anthony K Stamper, Eric J White: Integrated BEOL Thin Film Resistor. International Business Machines Corporation, June 2, 2011: US20110127635-A1

In the course of forming a resistor in the back end of an integrated circuit, an intermediate dielectric layer is deposited and a trench etched through it and into a lower dielectric layer by a controllable amount, so that the top of a resistor layer deposited in the trench is close in height to the ...

Stephen T. Avery
Robert C U Yu, Stephen T Avery, Jimmy E Kelly: Corona and wear resistant imaging member. Xerox Corporation, June 2, 2011: US20110129769-A1

The presently disclosed embodiments relate in general to electrophotographic imaging members, such as layered photoreceptor structures, and processes for making and using the same. More particularly, the embodiments pertain to the incorporation of an ozone quenching compound into the charge transpor ...

Daniel F Casper, Mark P Bendyk, John R Flanagan, Catherine C Huang, Matthew J Kalos, Ugochukwu C Njoku, Dale F Riedy, Gustav E Sittmann, Harry M Yudenfriend: Providing indirect data addressing in an input/output processing system where the indirect data address list is non-contiguous. International Business Machines Corporation, June 2, 2011: US20110131343-A1

Systems, methods and computer program products for providing indirect data addressing at an I/O subsystem of an I/O processing system. The computer program product includes a tangible storage medium readable by a processing circuit and storing instructions for execution by the processing circuit for ...

Theodore J Myers, Daniel Thomas Werner: Error detection system. June 2, 2011: US20110131468-A1

This disclosure relates to method, device and system for detecting errors in a communication system. A signal is received from a transmitter at a receiver wherein the signal includes a data portion and a result of a hash function. The hash function is computed in part from a transmitter identificati ...

John R Wilson, Douglas A Page, Dan Welch, Alison Robeck: Cell culture methods and devices utilizing gas permeable materials. June 2, 2011: US20110129923-A1

Gas permeable devices and methods are disclosed for cell culture, including cell culture devices and methods that contain medium at heights, and certain gas permeable surface area to medium volume ratios. These devices and methods allow improvements in cell culture efficiency and scale up efficiency ...

Theodore J Myers, Robert W Boesel, Matthew Hughes: Handover processing in multiple access point deployment system. June 2, 2011: US20110128938-A1

This disclosure relates to method, device and system for performing handover processing. A roaming list is configured at a receiver which includes multiple entries. Each entry of the roaming list includes receive parameters. A measurement operation is performed on an entry of the roaming list. A tra ...

Guillermo Rozas: Techniques for detecting and correcting errors in a memory device. June 2, 2011: US20110131471-A1

A technique for detecting and correcting errors in a memory device, in accordance with one embodiment, includes a data storage area arranged in a plurality of blocks, wherein each block contains a plurality of words. The memory device also includes an error detection/correction storage area for stor ...

Michael Klinglesmith, Mohan Nair, Joseph Murray: Flexibly Integrating Endpoint Logic Into Varied Platforms. June 2, 2011: US20110131456-A1

In one embodiment, the present invention is directed to an integrated endpoint having a virtual port coupled between an upstream fabric and an integrated device fabric that includes a multi-function logic to handle various functions for one or more intellectual property (IP) blocks coupled to the in ...

Mustafa Eroz, A Roger Hammons JR: Sets of rate-compatible universal turbo codes nearly optimized over various rates and interleaver sizes. DTVG Licensing, June 2, 2011: US20110131465-A1

A method and apparatus for Turbo encoding uses a set of rate-compatible Turbo Codes optimized at high code rates and derived from a universal constituent code. The Turbo Codes have rate-compatible puncturing patterns. The method comprises: encoding a signal at a first and second encoder using a best ...

Rick A Hamilton Ii, Peter G Finn, Gregory J Boss, Timothy M Waters: Digital Rights Management. International Business Machines Corporation, June 2, 2011: US20110131634-A1

A method for digital rights management includes receiving a selection input from a user, associating a customer number with a file based on the selection input, embedding the customer number and a file identifier associated with the file in the file, and sending the file with the embedded customer n ...

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