Vincent Le Chevalier Vincent Le Chevalier
Serge RUTMAN, Vincent LE CHEVALIER: System and method for personalizing content for a mobile device. Firstpaper, April 21, 2011: US20110093788-A1

A system and method for personalizing content for a mobile device is provided. The system for personalizing content for a mobile device may comprise an acquisition module that may capture user identifiable content associated with the current user of the mobile device. The acquisition module may be c ...

Vincent Le Chevalier Vincent Le Chevalier
Vincent LE CHEVALIER, Brady Duga, Garth Conboy, William Leshner, John Rivlin, Ruze Richards: System and method for advertisement placement in an electronic reader device. Firstpaper, April 7, 2011: US20110082724-A1

A system for and method for placement of advertisement content at an electronic reader device is presented. The system and method comprise an acquisition module configured to receive via a network a plurality of first electronic content from a first source and a plurality of second electronic conten ...

Vincent Le Chevalier Vincent Le Chevalier
John Rivlin, Garth Conboy, Vincent Le Chevalier: System And Method For Template-Based Assembly Of Publications. FirstPaper, eBook Technologies, April 7, 2011: US20110082749-A1

A system, method, and computer readable medium for template-based assembly of an electronic publication are disclosed. The system may include a template provider that provides a template that specifies a markup for the electronic publication and having a plurality of content slots; a content provide ...

Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate Bob Ware
Francis Joseph Lipiecki, Stephen G Maroldo, Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate, Robert A Ware: Method of preparing organometallic compounds. Rohm and Haas Company, Tifiani M Cottingham, April 5, 2011: US07919638 (2 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing an ultra-pure metal amidinate compound comprising using a microchannel device for synthesis in reacting a metal halide solution with a lithium amidinate solution to produce an ultra-pure alkylmetal compound for processes such as chemical vapor deposition.

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Brian Marcucci: Microelectronic assembly with impedance controlled wirebond and conductive reference element. Tessera Research, April 28, 2011: US20110095408-A1

A microelectronic assembly can include a microelectronic device having device contacts exposed at a surface thereof and an interconnection element having element contacts and having a face adjacent to the microelectronic device. Conductive elements, e.g., wirebonds connect the device contacts with t ...

Elias Nemer
Elias Nemer: Audio spatialization for conference calls with multiple and moving talkers. Broadcom Corporation, April 28, 2011: US20110096915-A1

Systems and methods are described that utilize audio spatialization to help at least one listener on one end of a communication session differentiate between multiple talkers on another end of the communication session. In accordance with one embodiment, an audio teleconferencing system obtains spee ...

Sagy Pundak Mintz
Stephan Brianti, Sagy P Mintz: Lean Level Support for Trading Strategies. Trading Technologies International, April 28, 2011: US20110099124-A1

Certain embodiments of the present invention provide techniques for lean level support for a trading strategy. According to certain embodiments, the support for a price level under consideration as a lean level is determined based at least in part on quantity available at the price level. According ...

David Mosley
Peter A Carr, Brian Y Chow, Joseph M Jacobson, David W Mosley, Christopher Emig: Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules with error control. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Norma E Henderson, April 26, 2011: US07932025 (13 worldwide citation)

This invention generally relates to nucleic acid synthesis, in particular DNA synthesis. More particularly, the invention relates to the production of long nucleic acid molecules with precise user control over sequence content. This invention also relates to the prevention and/or removal of errors w ...

Anthony S. McCoppin
Michael A Spohn, John A Haury, Anthony S McCoppin, John F Kalafut, Herbert M Grubic, James A Dedig: Fluid Delivery System, Fluid Path Set, and Pressure Isolation Mechanism with Hemodynamic Pressure Dampening Correction. April 21, 2011: US20110092828-A1

The fluid delivery system includes a pressurizing device for delivering injection fluid under pressure, a low pressure fluid delivery system, and a pressure isolation mechanism. The pressure isolation mechanism includes a first lumen associated with the pressurizing device, a second lumen associated ...

Kevin Rodzinak
Hidetomo Furuyama, Yasuhiro Goto, Nobuhiko Kawanishi, Mark E Layton, Takashi Mita, Akira Naya, Yoshio Ogino, Yu Onozaki, Kevin J Rodzinak, Toshihiro Sakamoto, Philip E Sanderson, Jiabing Wang: Inhibitors of akt activity. April 21, 2011: US20110092511-A1

The instant invention provides for substituted naphthyridine compounds that inhibit Akt activity. In particular, the compounds disclosed selectively inhibit one or two of the Akt isoforms, preferably Akt1. The invention also provides for compositions comprising such inhibitory compounds and methods ...