Vincent Le Chevalier Vincent Le Chevalier
Serge RUTMAN, Vincent LE CHEVALIER: System and method for personalizing content for a mobile device. Firstpaper, April 21, 2011: US20110093788-A1

A system and method for personalizing content for a mobile device is provided. The system for personalizing content for a mobile device may comprise an acquisition module that may capture user identifiable content associated with the current user of the mobile device. The acquisition module may be c ...

Anthony S. McCoppin
Michael A Spohn, John A Haury, Anthony S McCoppin, John F Kalafut, Herbert M Grubic, James A Dedig: Fluid Delivery System, Fluid Path Set, and Pressure Isolation Mechanism with Hemodynamic Pressure Dampening Correction. April 21, 2011: US20110092828-A1

The fluid delivery system includes a pressurizing device for delivering injection fluid under pressure, a low pressure fluid delivery system, and a pressure isolation mechanism. The pressure isolation mechanism includes a first lumen associated with the pressurizing device, a second lumen associated ...

Kevin Rodzinak
Hidetomo Furuyama, Yasuhiro Goto, Nobuhiko Kawanishi, Mark E Layton, Takashi Mita, Akira Naya, Yoshio Ogino, Yu Onozaki, Kevin J Rodzinak, Toshihiro Sakamoto, Philip E Sanderson, Jiabing Wang: Inhibitors of akt activity. April 21, 2011: US20110092511-A1

The instant invention provides for substituted naphthyridine compounds that inhibit Akt activity. In particular, the compounds disclosed selectively inhibit one or two of the Akt isoforms, preferably Akt1. The invention also provides for compositions comprising such inhibitory compounds and methods ...

Steven Jobs
Steve Jobs, Anthony M Fadell, Jonathan P Ive: Highly portable media device. Apple, April 21, 2011: US20110090645-A1

An improved portable media device and methods for operating a media device are disclosed. According to one aspect, the portable media device can also function as a solid-state drive for data storage. The form factor of the portable media device can be hand-held or smaller, such that it is highly por ...

Henry McKelvey, MIS
Rosa M Underwood, Henry A McKelvey, Umang A Patel: Multi-interface protocol analysis system. Verizon Patent And Licensing, April 21, 2011: US20110091205-A1

A device may include a first module to capture information relating to network traffic passing through a first interface in a network device. A second module may capture information relating to network traffic passing through a second interface in the network device. A control module may be configur ...

Dan Miller
Daniel N Miller, Paul D McClure, Charles J Chase, Robert R Boyd: Systems and methods for plasma jets. Lockheed Martin Corporation, April 21, 2011: US20110089835-A1

A plasma jet system includes a housing with a single opening. A plasma generator is coupled to ionize a fluid in the housing. An electromagnetic accelerator is coupled to generate an electric field that accelerates ionized fluid in the housing toward the opening. A controller can modulate the freque ...

BRETSCHNEIDER THOMAS: Amide und thioamide als schädlingsbekämpfungsmittel (DE), Amides and thioamides as pesticides (EN). BAYER CROPSCIENCE, April 21, 2011: WO/2011/045240 (43 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to novel amides and thioamides, to a method for the production thereof, and to the use thereof for combating animal pests, primarily arthropods and in particular insects. (EN)

BRETSCHNEIDER THOMAS: 1- (pyrid-3-yl) -pyrazole und 1- (pyrimid-5-yl) -pyrazole als schädlingsbekämpfungsmittel (DE), 1- (pyrid-3-yl) -pyrazole and 1- (pyrimid-5-yl) -pyrazole as pesticide (EN). BAYER CROPSCIENCE, April 21, 2011: WO/2011/045224 (43 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the use of partially known heterocyclic compounds for combating animal pests, including arthropods and in particular insects, and further relates to novel heterocyclic compounds and to a method for the production thereof. (EN)

LEMM JULIE A: Combinations of a specific hcv ns5a inhibitor and an hcv ns3 protease inhibitor. BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB COMPANY, Mingo Pamela A, April 21, 2011: WO/2011/046811 (29 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure is generally directed to antiviral compounds, and more specifically directed to combinations of compounds which can inhibit Hepatitis C virus (HCV), compositions comprising such compounds, and methods for treating Hepatitis C using such combinations.

Aono Tomoko: 動画像符号化装置、および、動画像復号装置 (JA), Video coding device and video decoding device (EN). SHARP KABUSHIKI KAISHA, Harakenzo World Patent & Trademark, April 21, 2011: WO/2011/046008 (29 worldwide citation)

Provided are a spatial direction prediction vector generation unit (191) which refers to a first motion vector group comprised of motion vectors in an already coded partition and calculates a first prediction vector group; a temporal direction prediction vector generation unit (192) which refers to ...