Yanning Song Yanning Song
Kairawicz Raymond G, Chamberlain Richard V, Partin Phillip E, Song Yanning, Onnerud Per: Prismatic storage battery or cell with flexible recessed portion. Boston Power, zhou guocheng, April 13, 2011: CN200980114415

A battery includes a cell casing that has recessed portion on a major surface of the casing, the recessed portion being substantially planar and bordering a remainder of the major surface at ridge portions on at least three sides of the recessed portion, whereby the recessed portion, the ridge porti ...

Yanning Song Yanning Song
Lampe Onnerud Christina M, Onnerud Per, Song Yanning, Chamberlain II Richard V: Lithium-ion secondary battery. Boston Power, xu jing, April 13, 2011: CN200980114320

A lithium-ion battery comprises a cathode that includes an active cathode material. The active cathode material comprises a cathode mixture that includes a lithium cobaltate and a spinel type lithium manganate, wherein the lithium cobaltate and the lithium manganate are in a weight ratio of lithium ...

Yanning Song Yanning Song
Onnerud Per, Song Yanning, Chamberlain II Richard V: Battery with enhanced safety. Boston Power, xu jing, April 13, 2011: CN200980114641

A battery includes a cell casing; a first terminal; a second terminal in electrical communication with the cell casing and electrically insulated from the first terminal; an electrode assembly in the cell casing; a current interrupt device (CID) in electrical communication with the first terminal an ...

ZEMLOK MICHAEL A, MARCZYK STANISLAW, ROSS ADAM J: Internal backbone structural chassis for a surgical device, Interner Gerüststrukturrahmen für eine chirurgische Vorrichtung, Châssis structurel dossature interne pour dispositif chirurgical. TYCO HEALTHCARE, April 13, 2011: EP2308388-A1 (111 worldwide citation)

A chassis (1001) for mounting a set of operating components (1000) of a power head of a surgical instrument is disclosed. The power head has a housing enabling access to an interior volume of the power head encompassed by the housing. The set of operating components (1000) have a proper configuratio ...


ICKLER FRITZ: Rotatable electrical coupling and connector therefor, Drehbare Leitungskupplung und Stecker dafür, Couplage électrique rotatif et connecteur associé. ONDAL INDUSTRIETECHNIK, April 13, 2011: EP2309608-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a rotatable electrical coupling (10) comprising a male connector (20) having at least one electrical contact member (24) for conducting or transmitting a supply current or a low-frequency control signal, and a further electrical contact member (30) for conducting or tr ...

WEINBERG GARRETT L: System and method for activating functions including a first function and a second function, System und Verfahren zur Aktivierung von Funktionen, einschliesslich einer ersten Funktion und einer zweiten Funktion, Système et procédé dactivation des fonctions incluant une première fonction et une seconde fonction. Mitsubishi Electric, April 13, 2011: EP2309491-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

A method and a system for activating functions including a first function and a second function, wherein the system is embedded in an apparatus, are disclosed. The system includes a control configured to be activated by a plurality of activation styles, wherein the control generates a signal indicat ...

DEMA KEH B, ISRAEL JOE, JONES DEREK O, KAHLBAUGH BRAD E, LAVALLEE GREGORY L, MADDEN MICHAEL A, OLSON LINDA M, YANG CHUANFANG, ROGERS ROBERT M, KOJETIN PAUL L: Aerosol separator, Aerosol Abscheider, Séparateur daréosol. DONALDSON CO, April 13, 2011: EP2308579-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

Thermoplastic bicomponent binder fiber can be combined with other media, fibers and other filtration components to form a thermally bonded filtration media. The filtration media can be used in filter units. Such filter units can be placed in the stream of a mobile fluid and can remove a particular l ...

SEYBOTH UWE: Goods separation and insertion system, in particular for shelves, vending stands and similar, Warentrenn- und Vorschubsystem, insbesondere für Regale, Verkaufsständer und dergleichen, Système de poussée et de séparation de marchandises, notamment pour étagères, présentoirs de vente et analogues. OECHSLE DISPLAY SYSTEME, April 13, 2011: EP2308353-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

Das Warentrenn- und Vorschubsystem ist insbesondere für Regale, Verkaufsständer und dergleichen vorgesehen und besteht aus mehreren nebeneinander angeordneten Warenaufnahmefächern (2), die von Auflageböden für die Waren sowie hierzu bevorzugt senkrecht ausgerichteten, die Waren gegenseitig abgrenzen ...

MEADE JOHN T, DELOUGHRY NIALL G, BRECHER GERALD I, BLECK JAMES H: Apparatus for surgical suturing with thread management, Gerät zur Anbringung chirurgischer Nähte mit Fadenmanagement, Appareil de suture chirurgicale avec gestion de fil. SUTURTEK, April 13, 2011: EP2308391-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

A suturing needle (26,102) comprising: a) a curved body with a sharp pointed end (60,108), a second end (62,110), and an aperture (106) between the sharp pointed end and the second end, wherein the curved body covers an arc greater than 270 DEG and less than about 330 DEG b) an opening (64) proximat ...