Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate Bob Ware
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A method of preparing an ultra-pure metal amidinate compound comprising using a microchannel device for synthesis in reacting a metal halide solution with a lithium amidinate solution to produce an ultra-pure alkylmetal compound for processes such as chemical vapor deposition.

Eb Eshun
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A method for fabricating a low-value resistor such as a ballast resistor for bipolar junction transistors. The resistor may be fabricated using layers of appropriate sheet resistance so as to achieve low resistance values in a compact layout. The method may rely on layers already provided by a conve ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert L Angell, James R Kraemer: Tracking a status of a catalyst-driven process using RFIDs. International Business Machines Corporation, Dillon & Yudell, April 5, 2011: US07919326

A method of tracking a status of a catalytic process in a mixture incorporates the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that have corrosive-sensitive coatings. The coatings are removable, by a corrosive in the mixture, at a rate that tracks with the rate at which a catalytic-driven proc ...



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A multi-touch capacitive touch sensor panel can be created using a substrate with column and row traces formed on either side of the substrate. To shield the column (sense) traces from the effects of capacitive coupling from a modulated Vcom layer in an adjacent liquid crystal display (LCD) or any s ...

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Circular stapling instruments for cutting and applying one or more surgical staples to tissue are disclosed. The instruments include various forms of feedback systems designed to provide at least one mode of feedback to the surgeon when the anvil has been attached to the device and/or when the anvil ...

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One example of a surgical instrument may include a handle, an end effector, and a shaft that connects the handle to the end effector, where the shaft includes an articulated region. At least one feeder belt may extend through the lumen of the shaft into the end effector, where at least one feeder be ...

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A surgical apparatus and methods for severing and welding tissue, in particular blood vessels, include a pair of relatively movable jaws at a distal end of an elongated shaft. A first heating element on one of the jaws is adapted to heat up to a first temperature and form a welded region within the ...

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A surgical device is provided that includes a jaw portion, having a first jaw in opposed correspondence with a second jaw, the second jaw including a surgical member. The surgical device may include a shaft portion coupled to a proximal end of the jaw portion and at least one motor configured to rot ...