Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Craig S Mitchell, Masud Beroz: Stacked packaging improvements. Tessera, Tessera, LERNER DAVID et al, February 24, 2011: US20110042810-A1

A plurality of microelectronic assemblies are made by severing an in-process unit including an upper substrate and lower substrate with microelectronic elements disposed between the substrates. In a further embodiment, a lead frame is joined to a substrate so that the leads project from this substra ...

Sagy Pundak Mintz
Ryan N Andrews, Sagy P Mintz, Jyoti Chawla, David W Garrison: System and Method for Linking and Managing Linked Orders in an Electronic Trading Environment. Trading Technologies International, Mbhb Trading Technologies, February 24, 2011: US20110047067-A1

A system and method for linking and managing linked orders are described. According to one method, a trader may first link two or more orders into a linked order, and then one or more parameters associated with one of the orders may be dynamically changed based on user inputs or information being re ...

Craig Allen
Desaraju V Varaprasad, Mingtang Zhao, Craig Allen Dornan, Anoop Agrawal, Pierr Marc Allemand, Niall R Lynam: Method of forming a mirrored bent cut glass shape for vehicular exterior rearview mirror assembly. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, February 24, 2011: US20110045172-A1

A method of forming a mirrored bent cut glass shape includes bending a flat sheet of glass to establish a curved sheet of glass. A machine vision system determines a surface profile of the curved sheet of glass, and a computer numerical controlled cutting tool is positioned at the curved sheet of gl ...

yuan xing Lee
George Mathew, Yuan Xing Lee, Hongwei Song, Jeffrey P Grundvig, Viswanath Annampedu: Systems and Methods for Fly-Height Control Using Servo Data. Hamilton DeSanctis & Cha, February 24, 2011: US20110043938-A1

Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for determining changes in fly-height. For example, various embodiments of the present invention provide storage devices that include a storage medium having servo data thereon. A read/write head assembly is disposed in relatio ...

KAISER WILLIAM J: Distributed external and internal wireless sensor systems for characterization of surface and subsurface biomedical structure and condition. THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, O Banion John P, February 24, 2011: WO/2011/022418 (67 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are disclosed that use wireless coupling of energy for operation of both external and internal devices, including external sensor arrays and implantable devices. The signals conveyed may be electronic, optical, acoustic, biomechanical, and others to provide in situ sensing and mo ...

ANDREINI MATTEO: 3-amino-5-phenyl-5,6-dihydro-2h-[1,4]oxazine derivatives. F Hoffmann La Roche, Kueng Peter, February 24, 2011: WO/2011/020806 (38 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to 3-Amino-5-phenyl-5,6-dihydro-2H-[l,4]oxazine derivatives of formula (I) having BACE1 and/or BACE2 inhibitory activity, their manufacture, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use as therapeutically active substances. The active compounds of the prese ...

Ebbe Ulrik Vagn: Method and apparatus for control of household devices. VKR HOLDING, Hård John Martin, February 24, 2011: WO/2011/020478 (26 worldwide citation)

In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprising means for executing a smart function controlling at least one device to achieve an effect specified by a criterion for a desired effect of a group according to control parameters, wherein said group comprises ...

Ohuchi Satoru: 有機el素子 (JA), Organic el element (EN). PANASONIC CORPORATION, Nakajima Shiro, February 24, 2011: WO/2011/021343 (23 worldwide citation)

Provided is an organic EL element which withstands processes for mass-producing organic EL display panels, achieves excellent hole-injection efficiency, is driven at a low voltage, and has high luminance efficiency. Specifically, an organic EL element (1) is formed by sequentially laminating an anod ...

REN PINGDA: Heterocyclic compounds and uses thereof. INTELLIKINE, Wong Karen K, February 24, 2011: WO/2011/022439 (21 worldwide citation)

Heterocyclic entities that modulate PI3 kinase activity, pharmaceutical compositions containing the heterocyclic entities, and methods of using these chemical entities for treating diseases and conditions associated with PI3 kinase activity are described herein.

SCHOEBERL BIRGIT: Antibodies against the ectodomain of erbb3 and uses thereof. MERRIMACK PHARMACEUTICALS, Remillard Jane E, February 24, 2011: WO/2011/022727 (19 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a novel class of antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof that bind the extracellular domain of ErbB3 receptor and inhibit various ErbB3 functions. For example, the antibodies and antigen binding fragments described herein are capable of binding to the receptor ...