Sandeep Tyagi
Bhat Shrikant, Rai Roopali, Krishnamurthy Sriram, Tyagi Sandeep, Volkers Andries Andriaan: Thermoplastic compositions, method of manufacture, and articles therefrom. Sabic Innovative Plastics IP, wu peishan bian xinqin, December 8, 2010: CN200880122478

A thermoplastic composition comprising, based on the total weight of the thermoplastic composition, from 0.1 to 30 weight percent of an inorganic filler composition comprising an inorganic filler-polyorganosiloxane composite; up to 80 weight percent of a polycarbonate; and from 1 to 25 weight percen ...

Forster Frank Dr, Wissmann Patrick: Topographical measurement of an object. Siemens, December 8, 2010: EP2259013-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren und eine Vorrichtung zur topographischen Messung eines Objekts (1). Um die topographische Messung des Objekts (1) zu verbessern, insbesondere zu beschleunigen, weist die erfindungsgemässe Vorrichtung mindestens ein Projektionsmittel (2) zur Projektion einer Seque ...

KOSTRZEWSKI STANISLAW: [fr] Instrument chirurgical et procédé de perforation de résection, [de] Chirurgisches Instrument und Verfahren zur Durchführung einer Resektion, [en] Surgical instrument and method for perforing a resection. TYCO HEALTHCARE, December 8, 2010: EP2258282-A2 (41 worldwide citation)

[en] An end effector (16) for use with a surgical instrument comprising an anvil shaft (34), a first anvil assembly (30) disposed at a distal portion of the anvil shaft and a second anvil assembly (32) mountable on the anvil shaft proximally of the first anvil assembly. Also, a method for performing ...


Liu Jun: Memory cells, memory cell programming methods, memory cell reading methods, memory cell operating methods, and memory devices. Micron Technology, shen jinhua, December 8, 2010: CN200880124714 (33 worldwide citation)

Embodiments disclosed include memory cell operating methods, memory cell programming methods, memory cell reading methods, memory cells, and memory devices. In one embodiment, a memory cell includes a wordline, a first bitline, a second bitline, and a memory element. The memory element is electrical ...

刘峻: 存储器单元、存储器单元编程方法、存储器单元读取方法、存储器单元操作方法及存储器装置. 美光科技公司, 沈锦华, 北京律盟, December 8, 2010: CN200880124714.6 (33 worldwide citation)




GRIFFITHS ANDREW, TAWFIK DAN: [fr] Procédé damélioration de la concentration dune molécule dacide nucléique, [de] Verfahren zur Erhöhung der Konzentration eines Nucleinsäuremoleküls, [en] A method for increasing the concentration of a nucleic acid molecule. MEDICAL RES COUNCIL, December 8, 2010: EP2258846-A2 (23 worldwide citation)

[en] A method for increasing the concentration of a nucleic acid molecule, said method comprising: (a) forming aqueous microcapsules from a water-in-oil emulsion, wherein a plurality of the microcapsules include a nucleic acid molecule and an aqueous solution comprising components necessary for nucl ...

TAJIMA HIDEJI: [fr] Récipient, [de] Gefäss, [en] Container. PREC SYSTEM SCIENCE, December 8, 2010: EP2259070-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

[en] It is an object of the present invention to provide a container which can execute a reliable work of dispensing and/or agitating on the occasion of aspirating and/or discharging a sample and/or a reagent in a container, by aspirating or discharging in a predetermined quantity without blockading ...

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