Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Chinniah Thiagarajan: Edge stiffened polymeric corrugated sheet material. Sabic Innovative Plastics IP, Cantor Colburn, December 7, 2010: US07846535 (2 worldwide citation)

Edge stiffened corrugated polymeric sheet material can be utilized as storm panels for mounting about a perimeter surface of an opening so as to protect the opening from wind and impact loads. The panels can include a corrugated sheet material having a corrugated contiguous band horizontally extendi ...

Gerald N Nkwantah
Xuequn Hu, Pradnya V Nagarkar, Gerald N Nkwantah, Michael K Gerlach, James P DiZio, Gregg S Cannavo: Optical element having optical adhesive layer and polarizer. Seiko Epson Corporation, Oliff & Berridge, December 7, 2010: US07846541

An optical element includes a polarizer having oriented vinylene segments; a substrate; and an adhesive layer disposed between the polarizer and the substrate, the adhesive layer comprising aliphatic urethane(meth)acrylate oligomer, (meth)acryl monomer, silane, and crosslinker, the crosslinker compr ...

Arnaud Baudot
Patrick Briot, Arnaud Baudot, Vincent Coupard, Alain Methivier: Process for improving gasoline cuts and conversion into gas oils. IFP Energies Nouvelles, Millen White Zelano & Branigan P C, December 7, 2010: US07847141 (9 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process for converting a hydrocarbon charge of linear and branched olefins, comprises the following stages: a) a stage of membrane separation of the hydrocarbon charge under conditions making it possible to produce a cut β containing the majority of the linear olefins pres ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Matthew T Currie, Anthony J Lochtefeld, Richard Hammond, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Semiconductor structures employing strained material layers with defined impurity gradients and methods for fabricating same. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Slater & Matsil L, December 7, 2010: US07846802 (3 worldwide citation)

Semiconductor structures and devices including strained material layers having impurity-free zones, and methods for fabricating same. Certain regions of the strained material layers are kept free of impurities that can interdiffuse from adjacent portions of the semiconductor. When impurities are pre ...

Rick Lake
Rick C Lake, Ross S Dando: Systems and methods for depositing conductive material into openings in microfeature workpieces. Micron Technology, Perkins Coie, December 7, 2010: US07845540

Systems and methods for depositing conductive material into openings in microfeature workpieces are disclosed herein. One particular embodiment of a system for processing microfeature workpieces includes a processing chamber and a solder reservoir in the processing chamber. The solder reservoir incl ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, John N Ouwerkerk, Eugene L Timperman: Surgical instrument having recording capabilities. Ethicon Endo Surgery, December 7, 2010: US07845537 (548 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument. The surgical instrument has an end effector and a trigger in communication with the end effector. The surgical instrument also has a first sensor and an externally accessible memory device in communication with the first sensor. The first sensor has an output that represents a ...

Stanislaw Marczyk, Megan Prommersberger, Brian Nentwick: Detachable buttress material retention systems for use with a surgical stapling device. Tyco Healthcare Group, December 7, 2010: US07845533 (498 worldwide citation)

Systems of releasably connecting staple line buttress material to the jaws of a surgical stapling instrument are provided. The systems include retainers configured to engage the buttress material and releasably retain the buttress material on the jaws of the surgical stapling instrument prior to sta ...

Frank J Viola, Gregg Krehel, Michael A Soltz, Robert J DeSantis, Henry E Holsten, Russell Heinrich: Surgical stapler with timer and feedback display. Tyco Healthcare Group, December 7, 2010: US07845534 (371 worldwide citation)

A surgical apparatus has a clamp and a stapling mechanism. The clamp has a first jaw and a second jaw to clamp on a body tissue at a desired location for a stapling operation. The stapling mechanism is controlled by a trigger handle or a switch assembly. The surgical apparatus has a controller for p ...

Frank J Viola, Christopher J Criscuolo, David Fowler, Michael J Bettuchi, Danyel J Tarinelli, Robert Capella, Kevin Sniffin, Ahmad R Hadba: Annular adhesive structure. Tyco Healthcare Group, December 7, 2010: US07845536 (367 worldwide citation)

An assembly for joining tissue is provided and includes an anvil assembly and a body portion juxtaposed with respect to one another along a shaft and arranged so as to be approximated with respect to one another; and an applicator supported on the anvil assembly and configured for retaining a wound ...

Bruce K Jankowski: Instrument introducer. Tyco Healthcare Group, December 7, 2010: US07846149 (302 worldwide citation)

Instrument introducers are disclosed which facilitate the insertion of a surgical instrument into a cavity or a body of a patient. In one embodiment, the instrument introducer includes a hollow elongate cylindrical body including a distal end portion terminating in a distal edge and a proximal end p ...