Eric First, M.D.
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A tablet with an enhanced dissolution profile for a medicinally active ingredient such as aspirin and methods for making the tablet. The tablet comprises a blend of crystals of the medicinally active ingredient and a dissolution aid such as sodium or calcium carbonate or bicarbonate that coats the c ...

Sagy Pundak Mintz
Alexander D Deitz, Sagy P Mintz: System and Method for Management and Analysis of Electronic Trade Orders. Trading Technologies International, Mbhb Trading Technologies, November 18, 2010: US20100293088-A1

A system and methods are provided for using order descriptor identifiers in relation to orders being used in trading strategies. According to one example method, when a hedge order is submitted upon detecting a fill of another order, the hedge order includes one or more order descriptor identifiers ...


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The invention is related to anti-viral compounds, compositions containing such compounds, and therapeutic methods that include the administration of such compounds, as well as to processes and intermediates useful for preparing such compounds.

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Described herein are printable structures and methods for making, assembling and arranging electronic devices. A number of the methods described herein are useful for assembling electronic devices where one or more device components are embedded in a polymer which is patterned during the embedding p ...

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The present invention relates to novel Fused Tricyclic Aryl Compounds, compositions comprising at least one Fused Tricyclic Aryl Compound, and methods of using the Fused Tricyclic Aryl Compounds for treating or preventing HCV infection in a patient.

MISHRA UMESH: High voltage iii-nitride semiconductor devices. TRANSPHORM, Zanocco Jennifer A, November 18, 2010: WO/2010/132587 (65 worldwide citation)

A III-N device is described has a buffer layer, a first III-N material layer on the buffer layer, a second III-N material layer on the first III-N material layer on an opposite side from the buffer layer and a dispersion blocking layer between the buffer layer and the channel layer. The first III-N ...

LANE CHRISTOPHER DON: Biofuel production from algae. PHYCAL, Russell Raymond N, November 18, 2010: WO/2010/132414 (54 worldwide citation)

The use of acoustic focusing together with a non-destructive extraction process for obtaining lipids from oleaginous algae is described. Acoustic focusing can be used to concentrate oleaginous algae before they are subjected to non-destructive extraction, or acoustic focusing can be used as part of ...

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Ingestible event markers comprising an identifier and an ingestible component are provided. The ingestible component may vary, where ingestible components of interest include osmotic ingestible components, liquid capsules, tablets, multi-layered ingestible component and multi-compartment ingestible ...

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A plug connector is provided that can be electrically coupled to wires provided in a cable. The connector includes a leadframe that supports contacts and insulation displacement terminals in electrical communication. The connector includes a wire module that includes wire channels. A cage is provide ...