Brian Goodall
Nathan Tait Allen, Brian Leslie Goodall, Lester Howard McIntosh III: Single site palladium catalyst complexes. Rohm and Haas Company, Thomas S Deibert, November 16, 2010: US07833927

Catalyst structures comprising a single palladium metal center and a substituted tri-arylphosphine ligand. Also disclosed are methods of making and using the catalyst structures to facilitate polymerization reactions and Heck coupling reactions.

Chris D. Palmby
Chris D Palmby: Plant transplanting apparatus. November 16, 2010: US07832125 (1 worldwide citation)

A plant transplanting apparatus includes a pair of hand spade assemblies each having a post with a top end and a bottom end and a blade that has a top edge and a bottom edge. The top edge is attached to the bottom end of the post and a grip is attached to the top end of the post. A coupling assembly ...



Frederick E Shelton IV, Chad P Boudreaux, Richard W Timm: Surgical instrument having a directional switching mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, November 16, 2010: US07832408 (429 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument including a switching mechanism which allows a surgeon to selectively advance or retract a staple driver and/or cutting member within a staple cartridge. In various embodiments, the surgical instrument can include a handle, a trigger operatively coupled to the handle, a firing ...

Chester O Baxter III, James J Bedi: Lockout arrangement for a surgical stapler. Ethicon Endo Surgery, November 16, 2010: US07832612 (419 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument including a latch for securing first and second jaw members together, a cutting member which can be advanced and/or retracted relative to first and second jaw members, and, in addition, a lock which can prevent, or at least inhibit, the cutting member from being moved, ...

Edward S Boyden, Roderick A Hyde, Muriel Y Ishikawa, Eric C Leuthardt, Nathan P Myhrvold, Dennis J Rivet, Michael A Smith, Clarence T Tegreene, Thomas A Weaver, Charles Whitmer, Lowell L Wood Jr, Victoria Y H Wood: Steerable surgical stapler. The Invention Science Fund I, November 16, 2010: US07832611 (401 worldwide citation)

Embodiments include a surgical device and a method. An embodiment of the surgical instrument includes at least one grasping jaw, the at least one grasping jaw being adapted to deliver surgical staples by a force generated from a force generator mechanism that is contained within the at least one gra ...

Matthew Bell: Interactive video display system. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, November 16, 2010: US07834846 (373 worldwide citation)

A device allows easy and unencumbered interaction between a person and a computer display system using the person's (or another object's) movement and position as input to the computer. In some configurations, the display can be projected around the user so that that the person's actions are display ...

Darrell May, Andrew D Bocking, Raymond Vander Veen: Snooze support for event reminders. Research In Motion, Ridout & Maybee, November 16, 2010: US07836400 (225 worldwide citation)

Snooze support for event reminders produced on a hand held mobile device is disclosed. Snooze support in at least one example embodiment is characterized by an event reminder rescheduling method. This event reminder rescheduling method includes the step of prompting for a device user to take one of ...

Uk Song Kang: Semiconductor package having memory devices stacked on logic device. Samsung Electronics, Volentine & Whitt PLLC, November 16, 2010: US07834450 (184 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor package includes a base substrate, a logic device with a serializer/deserializer (SerDes), a plurality of odd memory devices disposed on a lower surface of the logic device and operatively stack-connected with the SerDes, and a plurality of even memory devices disposed on an upper su ...