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A connector having a conductive member is provided, wherein the connector comprises a connector body capable of sealing and securing a coaxial cable, and further wherein the conductive member, such as an O-ring, physically seals the connector, electrically couples the connector and the coaxial cable ...

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A MOSFET device and a method for fabricating MOSFET devices are disclosed. The method includes providing a semiconductor device structure including a semiconductor device layer of a first conductivity type, and ion implanting a well structure of a second conductivity type in the semiconductor device ...

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Systems and methods for data classification to facilitate and improve data management within an enterprise are described. The disclosed systems and methods evaluate and define data management operations based on data characteristics rather than data location, among other things. Also provided are me ...

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Embodiments of wireless antenna array systems to achieve three-dimensional beam coverage are described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.

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A heating system for a subsurface formation is described. The heating system includes a first heater, a second heater, and a third heater placed in an opening in the subsurface formation. Each heater includes: an electrical conductor; an insulation layer at least partially surrounding the electrical ...

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Accessory for implantation of a hip joint endoprosthesis, with a manipulation cup, a manipulation joint head with means for orienting the manipulation cup in the acetabulum, and with a device to represent the correctly oriented position of the manipulation cup such that by means of this device a bon ...

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In one embodiment, local software code present in a computer system enables real-time detection of whether the computer system is properly protected against malicious attacks from harmful software. For example, software code such as one or more agents executing in the computer system support real-ti ...

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The present invention provides methods and devices for annulus disc repair with and without the use of a patch or stent. The methods and devices are particularly suited to the repair and/or reconstruction of the spinal disc wall (annulus) after surgical invasion or pathologic rupture, with reduced f ...

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A system for treating a hydrocarbon containing formation is described. The system includes two or more groups of elongated heaters. The group includes two or more heaters placed in two or more openings in the formation. The heaters in the group are electrically coupled below the surface of the forma ...

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An implantable infusion pump possesses operational functionality that is, at least in part, controlled by software operating in two processor ICs which are configured to perform some different and some duplicate functions. The pump exchanges messages with an external device via telemetry. Each proce ...