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Methods and systems are provided for transforming music played by characters, objects and non-player characters in order to produce an enhanced audio experience for players within a massively multiplayer game.

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LED-based lighting fixtures suitable for general illumination in surface-mount or suspended installations, in which heat dissipation properties of the fixtures are significantly improved by decreasing thermal resistance between LED junctions and the ambient air. In various examples, improved heat di ...

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The apparatus and method described herein provides for creating multiple spatial patterns, such as magnetic patterns on credit cards. The invention includes storage of information from which patterns may be created, a pattern creation device for creating the spatial patterns, and control whereby the ...

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RF and microwave radiation directing or controlling components are provided that may be monolithic, that may be formed from a plurality of electrodeposition operations and/or from a plurality of deposited layers of material, that may include switches, inductors, antennae, transmission lines, filters ...

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A device for processing vertebral members having a spacer, a delivery device, and a deployer. The spacer includes at least first and second members with the first having at least one angled section and a contact surface, a second member having at least one angled section and a contact surface. The d ...

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Embodiments of wireless antenna array systems to achieve three-dimensional beam coverage are described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.

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