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A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for automatically selecting an optimal control cohort. Attributes are selected based on patient data. Treatment cohort records are clustered to form clustered treatment cohorts. Control cohort records are scored to form poten ...

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Methods and apparatus for enabling a power up process of a non-volatile memory to occur efficiently are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a method for utilizing a memory system that has a non-volatile memory with at least one reserved memory area includes providing power t ...

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A backup reporting framework Graphical User Interface (GUI) comprises a combination of components that make it possible to display a Reporting GUI to the customer on the customer's desktop. The framework includes three main components, a server component, a wag-server middleware component, and a mon ...


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The invention provides robotic surgical systems which allow selectable independent repositioning of an input handle of a master controller and/or a surgical end effector without corresponding movement of the other. In some embodiments, independent repositioning is limited to translational degrees of ...

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A method and system for processing captured image information in an interactive video display system. In one embodiment, a special learning condition of a captured camera image is detected. The captured camera image is compared to a normal background model image and to a second background model imag ...

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An improved method of performing surgery on a joint in a patient's body, such as a knee, includes making an incision in a knee portion of one leg while a lower portion of the one leg is extending downward from an upper portion of the one leg and while a foot connected with the lower portion of the o ...

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Systems and methods for receiving natural language queries and/or commands and execute the queries and/or commands. The systems and methods overcomes the deficiencies of prior art speech query and response systems through the application of a complete speech-based information query, retrieval, prese ...

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A plasma CVD apparatus has a container, and channels composed of introduction grooves and circumferential grooves for different types of gases are formed within the container. The gases introduced through source gas piping, auxiliary gas piping, and cleaning gas piping are equally supplied to a plur ...

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A system and method are provided for pooling storage devices in a virtual library for performing a storage operation. A storage management device determines a storage characteristic of a plurality of storage devices with respect to performing a storage operation. Based on a storage characteristic re ...