Ramandeep Ahuja
Ramandeep Ahuja, David P Gurney: System and method for maintaining a backup radio operating parameter list in a secondary use communication system. Motorola, Motorola, September 23, 2010: US20100238798-A1

A radio communication system (100) provides a radio air interface at a master node (102) for subscriber units associated with the master node. Among the subscriber units are several slave nodes (104, 106). The communication system has the ability to operate as a secondary user in unused spectrum por ...

Gilland Bruce: Medical monitoring device with flexible circuitry. NELLCOR PURITAN BENNETT, Schaumann Dave, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/107563 (73 worldwide citation)

Embodiments described herein may include systems and methods for monitoring physiological parameters of a patient. Specifically, embodiments disclose the use of a flexible circuitry in a medical sensor that is small and lightweight and easily bendable, such that it may be comfortably affixed to a pa ...

ZHOU JIE: Compositions and methods comprising histidyl-trna synthetase splice variants having non-canonical biological activities. PANGU BIOPHARMA, Rogel Mark E, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/107825 (63 worldwide citation)

Isolated histidyl-tRNA synthetase splice variant polynucleotides and polypeptides having non-canonical biological activities are provided, as well as compositions and methods related thereto.

DENINNO MICHAEL PAUL: 3-oxa-7-azabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes. Pfizer, Benson Gregg C, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/106457 (58 worldwide citation)

Compounds of Formula (I) that modulate the activity of the G-protein-coupled receptor GPR119 and their uses in the treatment of diseases linked to the modulation of the G-protein-coupled receptor GPR119 in animals are described herein.

WROBEL WALTER G: Active retinal implant. RETINA IMPLANT, Otten Hajo, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/105728 (55 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an active retinal implant (10) to be implanted into an eye, with an array (16) of stimulation elements (17) that emit stimulation signals to cells of the retina, wherein the stimulation elements (17) are designed as radiation-emitting elements.

ZHOU GANG: Bicyclic compounds as inhibitors of diacylglycerol acyltransferase. SCHERING CORPORATION, Kalyanaraman Palaiyur S, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/107765 (53 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel heterocyclic compounds as diacylglycerol acyltransferase ("DGAT") inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the heterocyclic compounds and the use of the compounds for treating or preventing a cardiovascular disease, a metabolic disorder, obesity or an ...

KIM CHI SIK: Novel organic electroluminescent compounds and organic electroluminescent device using the same. DOW ADVANCED DISPLAY MATERIALS, Kwon Oh Sig, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/107244 (50 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a novel organic electroluminescent compound and an organic electroluminescent device comprising the same. When used as host material of organic electroluminescent material of an OLED device, the disclosed organic electroluminescent compound exhibits high luminous efficiency and excelle ...

KING MARTIN T: Associating rendered advertisements with digital content. EXBIBLIO, Lawrenz Steven D, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/108159 (44 worldwide citation)

A system and method for associating rendered advertisements with digital content is described. In some examples, the system receives an image of a rendered advertisement, information associated with digital content, and information associating the rendered advertisement with the digital content via ...

Boehnlein Al: Display device for measurement tool. PERCEPTRON, Macintyre Timothy D, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/108089 (39 worldwide citation)

A measurement device is herein disclosed. The measurement device comprises a measurement module and a measuring probe operably coupled to said measurement module, said measuring probe having at least one sensor at a distal end of said measuring probe, wherein said sensor communicates sensor signals ...

YAMASAKI AKIHIRO: Apparatus and method for editing. Thomson Licensing, Kigoshi Tsutomu, September 23, 2010: WO/2010/106586 (39 worldwide citation)

An editing method comprises: generating, from a material data which is generated according to a first time and in which a first time range is specified, a playback data that is to be played back according to a second time different from the first time; and locating a second time range, which include ...