ZEMLOCK MICHAEL A, MARCZYK STANISLAW, ROSS ADAM J, PRIBANIC RUSSELL: [fr] Instrument chirurgical électrique doté dune carte de circuit secondaire, [de] Angetriebenes chirurgisches Instrument mit sekundärer Leiterplatte, [en] Powered surgical instrument with secondary circuit board. TYCO HEALTHCARE, August 18, 2010: EP2218409-A1 (59 worldwide citation)

[en] A powered surgical apparatus, which is configured to engage tissue includes a handle assembly having proximal and distal portions, a movable portion operatively connected to the distal portion of the handle assembly, a tool assembly operatively coupled to the movable portion, a power source con ...

SCHECKEL MARIO: [fr] Boîtier pour un élément fonctionnel, [de] Gehäuse für ein Funktionselement, [en] Casing for a functional element. ECP ENTWICKLUNGSGES MBH, August 18, 2010: EP2218469-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

[en] The housing (8) has a slack, flexible, tensionable membrane provided in a housing wall. A set of molded parts is connected with the membrane using an adhesive bonded joint and supports the membrane in a clamped condition. The molded parts have a supporting surface, which lies on the membrane in ...


JENSEN THOMAS: [fr] Appareil de mesure géodésique, [de] Geodätisches Vermessungsgerät, [en] Geodesic measuring device. LEICA GEOSYSTEMS, August 18, 2010: EP2219011-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

[en] The device has a sighting device (2) including a camera sensor (4) e.g. charge-coupled device area sensor, connected to an electronic graphics processor (7) for generating a display image from a camera image of visual field. The sighting device comprises an electronic graphical display componen ...

TRAYNOR ANTHONY, RANKIN NEIL SINCLAIR: [en] Integrated MEMS transducer and CMOS circuitry. WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS, August 18, 2010: GB2467776-A (21 worldwide citation)

[en] The transducer is formed by forming a planar membrane layer 708, a back plate layer 706 and a sacrificial structure such that removal of the sacrificial structure leaves the membrane free to move relative to the fixed back-plate. CMOS metallization and ILD layers are shared in common with at le ...

ZARINS DENISE, ZADNO NICOLAS, CLARK BENJAMIN, THAI ERIK, WU ANDREW: [fr] Procédés et systèmes de neuromodulation rénale induite thermiquement, [de] Verfahren und Systeme für wärmeinduzierte renale Neuromodulation, [en] Methods and systems for thermally-induced renal neuromodulation. ARDIAN, August 18, 2010: EP2218479-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

[en] Methods and system are provided for thermally-induced renal neuromodulation. Thermally-induced renal neuromodulatoin may be achieved via direct and/or via indirect application of thermal energy to heat or cool neural fibers that contribute to renal function, or of vascular structures that feel ...



KEIL GERNOT DR: [fr] Appareil pour stériliser un récipient, [de] Vorrichtung zum Sterilisieren eines Behälters, [en] Apparatus for sterilising a container. KHS, August 18, 2010: EP2218465-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

[en] The device (100) has an electron gun assembly (10) for producing an electron beam bundle (12) to sterilize a container (30). A focusing device (20) e.g. permanent magnet and externally-induced electromagnet, focuses the electron beam bundle such that the electron beam bundle enters the containe ...