SZASZ ANDRAS, SZASZ OLIVER, SZASZ NORA: [fr] Cathéter doncothermie intraluminaire, [de] Intraluminarer Oncothermie-Katheter, [en] Intraluminar oncothermia catheter. ONCOTHERM KFT, July 21, 2010: EP2208506-A1 (72 worldwide citation)

[en] The present invention relates to a radiofrequency hyperthermia device for the treatment of intraluminar or intracavitary lesions consisting of a catheter with an electrode and RF-independent highly isolated temperature sensing, a counter-electrode and a radiofrequency source connected to the el ...

Butler Timothy P, Berrios Javier, Beckhardt Steven, Mats Leonid: Methods and systems of sharing power in a multiple radio frequency network node rfid tag. Tego, July 21, 2010: EP2208390-A2 (26 worldwide citation)

In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag substrate for the mounting of a plurality of RF network nodes. In this way, data communications among the plurality of RF network nodes may be coordinated such that the plurali ...


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The cart (2) comprises a lateral face (203) by which it is adapted to be juxtaposed against another cart (3). It further comprises a first pump (64), a second pump (25) disposed below said first pump (64) and laterally offset relative thereto, and a tank (206) adapted to receive a feed container pro ...

IVES JAMES, TAAFFE DAVID, DUNNE PAUL: [fr] Procédé dinstallation dun générateur de turbine hydroélectrique, [de] Verfahren zum Installieren eines hydroelektrischen Turbinengenerators, [en] A method of installing a hydroelectric turbine generator. OPENHYDRO IP, July 21, 2010: EP2209175-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

[en] A method of installing an off-shore tidal hydroelectric turbine generator is described. The method provides for a number of safety features, ensuring that all components are safe to handle during the installation operation, and also ensuring that the turbine will not start spinning during the i ...

Vetsch Le Roy E: Tire pressure augmented aircraft weight and balance system and method. Honeywell Int, July 21, 2010: EP2208971-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

A weight and balance system for accurately determining gross weight of an aircraft. The present invention integrates tire pressure measurements with strut pressure measurements to overcome the problem associated with the friction in the strut seals, and simultaneously overcome the problem with the l ...

STEWART MARK T: [fr] Cathéter dablation disolement dune veine pulmonaire, [de] Ablationskatheter zum Isolieren einer Lungenvene, [en] Ablation catheter assembly for isolating a pulmonary vein. Medtronic, July 21, 2010: EP2208474-A2 (15 worldwide citation)

[en] A catheter assembly (110) for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia characterized by: a catheter body (112) which includes a proximal portion, an intermediate portion (118) extending from the proximal portion and defining a longitudinal axis (L4), a distal portion (120) extending from the intermediat ...

ZIEGLER ROLF, FRUEH UWE, HECHT ADOLF: [fr] Commande par oscillation, [de] Oszillationsantrieb, [en] Oscillation drive. FEIN C & E, July 21, 2010: EP2208576-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

[en] The oscillating drive has a shaft whose free end (16) forms a flat mounting (18) for a tool (22). Lugs (36) on the mounting fit though slots on the tool and deform them so that the tool is prevented from rotating with respect to the mounting.

Zhang Yi: Delivery apparatus for a retractable self expanding neurovascular stent and its use. Achieva Medical Shanghai Co Lt, July 21, 2010: EP2208483-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a neurovascular stent delivery apparatus. The delivery apparatus includes an outer catheter, an inner shaft located coaxially within the outer catheter, and a compressed self-expanding stent comprising a plurality of closed cells mounted on the distal section of the inner sh ...