Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Yoichi Kubota: Manufacture of mountable capped chips. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, July 13, 2010: US07754537 (14 worldwide citation)

A wafer or a portion of a wafer including capped chips such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) chips is provided with terminals by applying a terminal-bearing element such as a dielectric element with terminals and leads thereon, or a lead frame, so that the terminal-bearing element covers the caps, and ...

Robert Senzig
Xiaoye Wu, Robert F Senzig, Deborah Joy Walter, James W LeBlanc, John Eric Tkaczyk: Diagnostic imaging two non K-edge basis materials plus N K-edge contrast agents. General Electric Company, Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group SC, July 13, 2010: US07756239 (3 worldwide citation)

A diagnostic imaging system in an example comprises a high frequency electromagnetic energy source, a detector, a data acquisition system (DAS), and a computer. The high frequency electromagnetic energy source emits a beam of high frequency electromagnetic energy toward an object to be imaged and be ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Francois J Blouin: Self-provisioning node and network. Nortel Networks, Anderson Gorecki & Manaras, July 13, 2010: US07756959 (10 worldwide citation)

An operating network comprising a large number of nodes interconnected by links determines potential link-capacity enhancement with the help of a companion phantom network. In one embodiment, the operating network and the phantom network are topologically coincident and each node participates in see ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Bilel N Jamoussi: Bimodal burst switching. Nortel Networks, Anderson Gorecki & Manaras, July 13, 2010: US07756141 (5 worldwide citation)

In a first mode of burst communication in a telecommunication network comprising electronic edge nodes interconnected by bufferless core nodes, data bursts are formulated at the edge nodes, respective burst descriptors are communicated to a controller of a core node, and burst-transfer schedules are ...


Chad P Boudreaux, Jeffrey S Swayze: Surgical stapling instruments. Ethicon Endo Surgery, July 13, 2010: US07753245 (389 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument including a shaft, an end effector movable relative to the shaft, a locking mechanism configured to engage the shaft and/or end effector to fix the relative relationship between the shaft and end effector, and a closure system configured to close the end effector and engage the ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Jeffrey S Swayze, Mark S Ortiz, Leslie M Fugikawa: Endoscopic surgical instrument with a handle that can articulate with respect to the shaft. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Dean Garner, July 13, 2010: US07753904 (350 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument particular suited to endoscopic use is disclosed. Various embodiments include an end effector that is sized to be inserted through a trocar. An elongated shaft assembly is coupled to the end effector and a control handle. The elongated shaft assembly has a distal portion that i ...

Denise Demarais, Nicolas Zadno, Benjamin J Clark, Erik Thai: Methods and apparatus for intravascularly-induced neuromodulation. Ardian, Perkins Coie, July 13, 2010: US07756583 (246 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus are provided for intravascularly-induced neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field, e.g., to effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, changes in cytokine upregulation, etc., in target n ...

Binh T Nguyen, Craig A Paulsen: Apparatus and method for gaming tournament network. IGT, Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson, July 13, 2010: US07753790 (184 worldwide citation)

A gaming system may include a number of gaming units and a host computer operatively coupled to the gaming units, and be configured to allow a gaming tournament to be conducted. Each of the gaming units may comprise a video display unit, a microphone, a camera, a speaker and a gaming unit controller ...

Vinod Anupam, Suryanarayan Perinkulam, Chitra A Phadke, Viswanath Poosala: Provision of location-based services utilizing user movement statistics. Alcatel Lucent USA, Ryan Mason & Lewis, July 13, 2010: US07756534 (156 worldwide citation)

Location-based services are provided in a communication system comprising at least a portion of at least one wireless network. One aspect of the invention relates to generation of user movement statistics that may be utilized to facilitate the development of targeted marketing campaigns or other typ ...

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