Wu Andrew, Clark Benjamin J, Zarins Denise, Thai Erik: Apparatus, systems, and methods for achieving intravascular, thermally-induced renal neuromodulation. Ardian, July 7, 2010: EP2204134-A1 (73 worldwide citation)

Apparatus, systems, and methods for achieving thermally-induced renal neuromodulation by intravascular access are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present application, for example, is directed to apparatuses, systems, and methods that incorporate a treatment device comprising an elongated shaft. ...

Messaging. British Telecomm, July 7, 2010: EP2205010-A1 (63 worldwide citation)

A text message is, upon receipt, to be delivered via a speech synthesiser. In order to enable the message to be spoken with the voice of the originator, the text message is received along with information identifying the originator of the message, and the synthesiser uses a stored voice profile corr ...

YANG TIANZHU, LI ZHIXIONG: [fr] Procédé de transaction avec carte de paiement électronique et carte de paiement électronique, [de] Transaktionsverfahren mit einer E-Zahlungskarte und E-Zahlungskarte, [en] Transaction method with e-payment card and e-payment card. SHENZHEN NETCOM ELECTRONICS CO, July 7, 2010: EP2204782-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

[en] The present invention discloses a transaction method with an E-payment Card and an E-payment card. The method includes the steps of: receiving transaction instructions sent from a peripheral e-equipment using communication interfaces of an E-payment card authenticating the peripheral e-equipmen ...

SCHNEIDER EDMUND M, KEJARIWAL MURARI L, HODAPP STEPHEN T, MELANSON JOHN L: [fr] Système électronique doté dune amélioration de la gamme de tension en mode commun, [de] Elektronisches System mit Gleichtaktspannungsbereichsverbesserung, [en] Electronic system having common mode voltage range enhancement. CIRRUS LOGIC, July 7, 2010: EP2204905-A1 (32 worldwide citation)

[en] An electronic system generates at least one floating supply voltage, wherein during operation of the circuit the floating supply voltage tracks a common mode voltage of first and second differential input signals. By tracking the common mode voltage, in at least one embodiment, the floating sup ...

Davis Jared Keith, Rodriguez Samuel: Electronic equipment enclosure with side-to-side airflow control system. Chatsworth Product, July 7, 2010: EP2205054-A1 (30 worldwide citation)

An electronic equipment enclosure system with a side-to-side airflow control system includes an enclosure, having a front, a rear, a top, a bottom and two sides, and a side-to-side airflow control system. The airflow control system includes a side wall disposed adjacent one side of the enclosure, an ...

PARK SANG KI, KOWN KEE HAE, CHUNG JIN HWA, CHOI JIN HWAN, LEE YUN KYU: [fr] Composition de résine de polycarbonate dotée dune meilleure résistance aux rayures et dun meilleur indice de fluidité, [de] Polycarbonatharzzusammensetzung mit verbesserter Kratzbeständigkeit und verbessertem Schmelzindex, [en] Polycarbonate resin composition with improved scratch resistance and melt flow index. CHEIL, July 7, 2010: EP2204412-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

[en] A polycarbonate resin composition of the present invention comprises about 40 to about 99 % by weight of a polycarbonate resin (A), about 1 to about 60 % by weight of an acrylic copolymer (B) having a high refractive index and a flexible structure, and about 0 to about 60 % by weight of acrylic ...



VOS KOEN: [en] Reducing quantizer distortion with subtractive dithering. SKYPE, July 7, 2010: GB2466675-A (15 worldwide citation)

[en] A method, system and program for encoding and/or decoding a speech signal. The method comprises: generating a first signal representing a property of an input speech signal transforming the first signal using a simulated random-noise signal, thus producing a second signal quantizing the second ...

VOS KOEN, SORENSEN KARSTEN VANDBORG, JENSEN SOREN SKAK: [en] Transmit line spectral frequency vector and interpolation factor determination in speech encoding. SKYPE, July 7, 2010: GB2466670-A (13 worldwide citation)

[en] A method, system and program for encoding and decoding speech according to a source-filter model whereby speech is modelled to comprise a source signal filtered by a time-varying filter. The method comprises receiving a speech signal comprising successive frames, for each of a plurality of fram ...

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