James Kraemer Ph.D.
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A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for inferring a probability of a first inference absent from a database at which a query regarding the inference is received. Each datum of the database is conformed to the dimensions of the database. Each datum of the plural ...

Ulrich Klostermann
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An electric device protection circuit comprises at least one conductive bridging unit which electrically connects a terminal of the electric device to a protection node set to a protection potential, the protection potential being chosen such that the conductive bridging unit switches from a resisti ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
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A method of making a microelectronic assembly includes providing a semiconductor wafer having contacts accessible at a first surface, forming compliant bumps over the first surface and depositing a sacrificial layer over the compliant bumps. The method includes grinding the sacrificial layer and the ...

Ulrich Klostermann
Peter Schrogmeier, Ulrich Klostermann: Method and integrated circuit for determining the state of a resistivity changing memory cell. Qimonda, Dicke Billig & Czaja PLLC, July 6, 2010: US07751231

A method and an integrated circuit for determining the state of a resistivity changing memory cell. In one embodiment the method includes detecting a first resistance of the resistivity changing memory cell, determining whether the first resistance value is smaller than a predetermined threshold val ...

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A method for optical flying height measurement, and a flying height tester. The method the method comprises the steps of aligning a first slider and a second slider adjacent a transparent disk; varying a rotational speed of the disk relative to the first slider whereby a spacing between the first sl ...


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The present invention relates to apparatus for methods for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve. The apparatus includes an expandable anchor with leaflet engagement elements on the proximal end of the anchor and a replacement valve. The leaflet engagement elements can be used to prevent ...

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A refill for staples, which can not be removed from a cartridge unless all sheet-type connected staples in a stapler body are delivered. A refill for staples is installed in a detachable manner in a stapler body, and includes a refill body which holds the sheet-type connected staples, and a pressing ...

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Provided is a chemical vapor deposition apparatus including a reaction chamber; a susceptor that is provided in the reaction chamber and has a plurality of wafers mounted thereon; a rotation driving unit that rotates the susceptor; a gas inlet that is provided in the reaction chamber and introduces ...

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A surgical imaging device and method configured to be inserted into a surgical site. The surgical imaging device includes a plurality of prongs. Each one of the prongs has an image sensor mounted thereon. The image sensors provide different image data corresponding to the surgical site, thus enablin ...