Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Hair styling device. Wik Far East, June 23, 2010: EP2198735-A1

Ein Haarformgerät verfügt über zwei gelenkig zueinander angeordnete, zangenartig verstellbare Arme 2, 3. Jeder Arm 2 bzw. 3 trägt ein Formteil 5, 6, das mit dem Formteil 5, 6 des anderen Arms 2, 3 für den Haarformprozess zusammenwirkt. Zumindest ein Formteil 5, 6 ist zum Erwärmen von in den zwischen ...

Klaus Hafemann
HAFEMANN KLAUS: [fr] Chapiteau de volumiseur ainsi quappareil de mise en forme de cheveux doté dun tel chapiteau, [de] Volumiseraufsatz sowie Haarformgerät mit einem solchen Aufsatz, [en] Volumiser attachment and hair shaping device with such an attachment. WIK FAR EAST, June 23, 2010: EP2198740-A1

[en] The unit (1) has a drive shaft (13) arranged within a coupling ring (2). The drive shaft is provided with a coupling piece (14) for attaching the drive shaft at a rotary driven shaft (6) in a hand device (3). A drive piece (15) is engaged in a borehole of a conversion element (16) that convert ...

Klaus Hafemann
HAFEMANN KLAUS: [fr] Chapiteau de mise en forme de cheveux ainsi quappareil de mise en forme de cheveux doté dun tel chapiteau, [de] Haarformaufsatz sowie Haarformgerät mit einem solchen Aufsatz, [en] Hair shaping attachment and hair shaping device with such an attachment. WIK FAR EAST, June 23, 2010: EP2198734-A1

[en] The attachment (1) has an arm (2) articulately joined opposite to another arm (2.1) by an articulated connection. The former arm has an adjusting lever extension (8) lying opposite to working surfaces (7, 7.1) with respect to a joint axis (6) and arranged at an angle to a plane of the working s ...

OLSON LEE: [fr] Appareil chirurgical incluant un renfort chirurgical, [de] Chirurgische Vorrichtung, die eine chirurgische Versteifung enthält, [en] Surgical apparatus including surgical buttress. TYCO HEALTHCARE, June 23, 2010: EP2198787-A1 (281 worldwide citation)

[en] A surgical buttress includes a body portion and a band disposed on each of the distal and proximal ends thereof. The surgical buttress is configured to attach to an end effector of a surgical stapling apparatus. The body portion, having perforations disposed thereon, overlies the working surfac ...

Sakakibara Kazuyuki: Battery pack. Sakakibara Kazuyuki, June 23, 2010: EP2200145-A1 (84 worldwide citation)

A cordless power tool system is provided which is driven by using a battery pack as a power source, and which has work performance equivalent to an AC power tool is driven by using a commercial power source as a power source. The cordless power tool system is configured to include: a battery pack (1 ...


POLINSKE BEAU JAY, SANGUINO JORGE, RABEL JAY, SOLUM JEFFREY PAUL, HELGESON MICHAEL, TOURTELOTTE DAVID: [fr] Antennes parallèles pour dispositifs dassistance auditive à fixation standard, [de] Parallelantennen für standardmässig gefertigte Hörgeräte, [en] Parallel antennas for standard fit hearing assistance devices. STARKEY LAB, June 23, 2010: EP2200120-A2 (27 worldwide citation)

[en] An embodiment of a hearing assistance device comprises a housing, a power source, a radio circuit, an antenna and a transmission line. The radio circuit is within the housing and electrically connected to the power source. The antenna has an aperture, and the radio circuit is at least substanti ...

MCLEOD DAVID ANDREW: [en] Floor Tool for a Cleaning Applicance. DYSON TECHNOLOGY, June 23, 2010: GB2466290-A (25 worldwide citation)

[en] A floor tool (1) for a cleaning appliance comprising a cleaner head (2) rotatably attached to a conduit (14) carried by a pair of wheels (15, 16) that converge beneath the conduit (14).

Hercouet Leila, Simonet Frederic, Audousset Marie Pascale, Schlosser Isabelle: Composition comprising a fatty substance and a particular oxyethylene surfactant, dyeing or lightening process using it, and devices therefor. Oreal, June 23, 2010: EP2198927-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

La présente invention a pour objet une composition de coloration ou d'éclaircissement des fibres kératiniques humaines comprenant dans un milieu cosmétiquement acceptable : (a) au moins 25 % en poids d'un ou plusieurs corps gras différents des acides gras ; (b) de 1 à 10 % en poids d'un ou plusieurs ...

KIMURA TOMIO, SHIMAZAKI KAZUNORI, NAKASHIMA YUTAKA, HIKA KOJI: [fr] Appareil dassistance au parking, [de] Einparkunterstützungsvorrichtung, [en] Parking assist apparatus. TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI, June 23, 2010: EP2199188-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

[en] A parking assist apparatus has a vehicle moving path providing device for providing a standard parking assist sequence, wherein the standard parking assist sequence has at least one moving pattern for moving a vehicle to a target parking position in a parking. The parking assist apparatus furth ...