Sagy Pundak Mintz
Michael J Burns, Sagy P Mintz, Eric M Herz, Alexander D Deitz: System and method for smart hedging in an electronic trading environment. Trading Technologies International, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, June 22, 2010: US07742976 (7 worldwide citation)

A system and associated methods are provided for smart hedging in an electronic trading environment. According to one example method, a first order for a first tradeable object and a second order for a second tradeable object are placed based on a spread strategy. Upon receiving an indication that a ...

Craig Allen
Craig Allen Jarrard: Non-contacting position sensor using a rotating magnetic vector. CTS Corporation, Mark P Bourgeois, Daniel J Deneufbourg, June 22, 2010: US07741839 (6 worldwide citation)

A sensor for sensing the position of an object includes a magnet and a magnetic flux sensor. The magnet has dimensions that include a length, a width and a height. The magnet is adapted to generate a flux field. The flux field has a magnitude of flux and a flux direction. The flux direction changes ...

Steven Jobs
Rainer Brodersen, Rachel Clare Goldeen, Jeffrey Ma, Mihnea Calin Pacurariu, Thomas Michael Madden, Steven Jobs, Jeff Robbin, Eric Taylor Seymour: Rendering icons along a multidimensional path having a terminus position. Apple, Fish & Richardson P C, June 22, 2010: US07743341 (13 worldwide citation)

Icons are arranged in foreground background positions in an interface environment to define a multidimensional path extending from a terminus. The icons transition between the foreground position and the background positions along the multidimensional path.

Simon Rowe
Geoffrey R Smith, Kaustuv, Daniel J Zigmond, Jay Shrauner, John Alastair Hawkins, Simon Rowe, Michael A Killianey, Yaroslav Volovich, Iain Merrick: Log processing of channel tunes and channel tune times generated from a television processing device. Google, Fish & Richardson P C, June 22, 2010: US07743394 (6 worldwide citation)

Reporting data related to content processing devices, e.g., television devices, are processed to identify channel tunes and corresponding tune times of the content processing devices. Automatically generated channel tunes based on the corresponding tune times are identified. Content items that are a ...




John D Joannopoulos, Aristeidis Karalis, Marin Soljacic: Wireless non-radiative energy transfer. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fish & Richardson P C, June 22, 2010: US07741734 (526 worldwide citation)

The electromagnetic energy transfer device includes a first resonator structure receiving energy from an external power supply. The first resonator structure has a first Q-factor. A second resonator structure is positioned distal from the first resonator structure, and supplies useful working power ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Jerome R Morgan, Eugene L Timperman, Leslie M Fugikawa: Pneumatically powered surgical cutting and fastening instrument with a variable control of the actuating rate of firing with mechanical power assist. Ethicon Endo Surgery, June 22, 2010: US07740159 (410 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument that includes a distal member configured to receive a pneumatically operated tool assembly therein. The instrument may also include pneumatically powered drive member configured to generate at least one actuation motion upon receipt of at least one pneumatic signal from a sourc ...

David A Goldberg, Benjamin Goldberg, Neil Simon: Audio player device for synchronous playback of audio signals with a compatible device. SyncroNation, Withrow & Terranova PLLC, June 22, 2010: US07742740 (242 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a method, system and apparatus for playing an audio signal synchronously on a first mobile audio player and at least a second mobile audio player. More particularly, the invention pertains to an audio player device enabled for wireless transmission and reception of an ...