Katherina Babich
Marie Angelopoulos, Katherina E Babich, Douglas Charles LaTulipe, Qinghuang Lin, David R Medeiros, Wayne Martin Moreau, Karen E Petrillo, John P Simons: Multilayered resist systems using tuned polymer films as underlayers and methods of fabrication thereof. International Business Machines Corporation, Thomas A Beck, Daniel P Morris, June 15, 2010: US07736833 (1 worldwide citation)

Multilayered resist structures including bilayer and top surface imaging which utilize tuned underlayers functioning as ARCs, planarizing layers, and etch resistant hard masks whose properties such as optical, chemical and physical properties are tailored to give a multilayer resist structure exhibi ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Charles White, Michael J Nystrom: Chip assembly including package element and integrated circuit chip. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, June 15, 2010: US07737513

The present invention provides an integrated circuit chip assembly and a method of manufacturing the same. The assembly includes a package element having a top surface and an integrated circuit chip having a top surface, a bottom surface, edge surface between the top and bottom surfaces, and contact ...

Jeffrey S Swayze, Frederick E Shelton IV: Post-sterilization programming of surgical instruments. Ethicon Endo Surgery, June 15, 2010: US07738971 (413 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument with a programmable control unit and methods for programming the control unit while the surgical instrument is in a sterile container. The method may comprise packaging the surgical instrument in the container and then sterilizing the surgical instrument while the surgical inst ...

Jerome R Morgan, Christopher J Hess, William B Weisenburgh II: Re-loadable surgical stapling instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, June 15, 2010: US07735703 (392 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler including an elongate shaft having a first end and a second end. In one various embodiment, an anvil is situated at the second end of the elongate shaft. In one embodiment, a staple cartridge, configured to removably store at least one staple, is movable relative to the anvil. In ...

Robert A Vaughan, Cang C Lam, Richard C Ewers, Vahid Saadat: Tissue manipulation and securement system. USGI Medical, Levine Bagade Han, Charles C Fowler, June 15, 2010: US07736374 (296 worldwide citation)

Tissue manipulation and securement systems are described herein. A tissue manipulation assembly is pivotably coupled to the distal end of a tubular member and has a lower jaw member and an upper jaw member pivotably coupled to the lower jaw member. A reconfigurable launch tube is also pivotably coup ...

Sverker Lindbo, Peter Löthberg, Paul Vixie: Internet communication system. Mirror Image Internet, McCarter & English, June 15, 2010: US07739400 (163 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the transferring of information on the Internet, comprising: means (40) for storing information, corresponding to information provided at an Internet content provider (60), at respective alternative addresses of said storing means; means (20) for intercepting an info ...

John J Roese, Richard W Graham, David Frattura, Roger P Durand, John Paul Gorsky, David Harrington: Locating devices in a data network. Enterasys Networks, Holland & Knight, Brian J Colandreo Esq, J Mitchell Herbert Jr, June 15, 2010: US07739402 (158 worldwide citation)

A system that associates physical locations with network-linked devices in a network to which such devices are connected. This system employs a variety of techniques for establishing device location. The system configuration can vary and can include any type of data network, including LANs, MANs, Wi ...

Yizhong Wang, Hai Sun, Hongping Yuan, Winnie Yu: Method and system for providing optical proximity correction for structures such as a PMR nose. Western Digital, June 15, 2010: US07736823 (144 worldwide citation)

A mask for transferring a pattern for portion of a magnetic recording transducer is disclosed. The masks includes one corner corresponding to an angle of more than ninety degrees and less than one hundred eighty degrees. The mask also includes at least one rectangular serif residing at the corner.

Saharut Sirichai, Xin Fu: Case for electrical device and method of using same. Belkin International, Bryan Cave, June 15, 2010: US07735644 (143 worldwide citation)

A case (100) for an electrical device includes: (a) a first portion (110) with a bottom surface (111); (b) a second portion (121) adjacent to the first portion; (c) a third portion (122) adjacent to the second portion; (d) a fourth portion (123) adjacent to the third portion; and (e) a fifth portion ...

Thomas D Petite: System for controlling electrically-powered devices in an integrated wireless network. Hunt Technologies, Thomas Kayden Horstemeyer & Risley, June 15, 2010: US07738999 (137 worldwide citation)

An intelligent network demand control system provides a system and method for controlling demand in an energy delivery system. The intelligent network demand control system employs a transceiver network with a plurality transceivers coupled to meters and appliances residing at a plurality of custome ...