Randy Ekl
Aparna Pandey, Randy L Ekl, Christopher G Ware: Method for performing neighbor discovery in a multi-tier WLAN. Motorola, Indira Saladi, Randi L Karpinia, Anthony P Curtis, April 27, 2010: US07706337 (14 worldwide citation)

A method for performing neighbor discovery in a multi-tier wireless local area network where a client creates a neighbor list identifying a neighbor wherein the neighbor is identified as an access point or a client. Then, the client determines a time to perform a scan of neighbors based upon 1) a ty ...

Sagy Pundak Mintz
Sagy P Mintz, Eric M Herz, Alexander D Deitz: System and method for use of fractional pay-up ticks in relation to trading strategies in an electronic trading environment. Trading Technologies International, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, April 27, 2010: US07707099

A system and associated methods are provided for use of fractional pay-up ticks in relation to offset orders being sent for a trading strategy that involves trading a first tradeable object and at least a second tradeable object. According to one example method, when an indication is received that a ...

Arnaud Baudot
Patrick Briot, Arnaud Baudot, Vincent Coupard, St├ęphane Morin, Alain Methivier: Process for improving gasoline fractions and gasoil conversion with additional treatment to increase the gasoil fraction yield. Institut Francais du Petrole, Millen White Zelano Branigan P C, April 27, 2010: US07705193 (9 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process for conversion of a gasoline-range hydrocarbon feed into a gasoline fraction with a higher octane rating than that of the feedstream, and a gasoil fraction with a cetane number higher than 45, including the following steps: a) a membrane separation step (B) applied ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald: Monolithically integrated photodetectors. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, April 27, 2010: US07705370 (4 worldwide citation)

Methods and structures for monolithically integrating monocrystalline silicon and monocrystalline non-silicon materials and devices are provided. In one structure, a monolithically integrated semiconductor device structure comprises a silicon substrate and a first monocrystalline semiconductor layer ...

Marc Van Damme
Marc Van Damme: Method of making a lithographic printing plate. Agfa Graphics, Keating & Bennett, April 27, 2010: US07704679 (1 worldwide citation)

A method of making a lithographic printing plate includes the steps of: a) providing a lithographic printing plate precursor including (i) a support having a hydrophilic surface or which is provided with a hydrophilic layer, (ii) a coating on the support, including a photopolymerizable layer and, op ...

Shelton E Harrison Jr: Integrated game system, method, and device. April 27, 2010: US07704135 (369 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an integrated game with five subsystems: (i) electronic spell-casting system, (ii) card game system, (iii) user-created card system, (iv) system for replacing the use of dice and/or random number generation; and (v) board game system. Spell-casting system provides a ph ...

Sachin Shah, Frank C Maffei: Articulation mechanism for surgical instrument. Tyco Healthcare Group, April 27, 2010: US07703653 (276 worldwide citation)

An articulating elongate surgical instrument includes a handle assembly, an elongated body portion, a tool assembly pivotally supported on the distal end of the elongated body portion. The elongate surgical instrument includes as well an articulation mechanism to effect the movement of the tool asse ...

Mark Joseph Chiappetta, James Paul Frankel: Celestial navigation system for an autonomous robot. iRobot Corporation, Fish & Richardson P C, April 27, 2010: US07706917 (193 worldwide citation)

A navigational control system for an autonomous robot includes a transmitter subsystem having a stationary emitter for emitting at least one signal. An autonomous robot operating within a working area utilizes a receiving subsystem to detect the emitted signal. The receiver subsystem has a receiver ...

Bruce Collins, Gordon Kent Walker, Jeffery N Brown, Jun Wang, Chris John Bennett, Charles N Lo, Haipeng Jin, Lakshminath Reddy Dondeti, Randall Coleman Gellens, Mark Maggenti: Apparatus and methods of selective collection and selective presentation of content. QUALCOMM Incorporated, Abdollah Katbab, Gerald P Joyce III, April 27, 2010: US07706740 (177 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are apparatus and methods operable to distribute targeted content. Additionally, disclosed are corresponding apparatus and methods operable to selectively choose and cache selected ones from among the distributed targeted content, and to further choose ones from among the cached content to ...

Nils H McCarthy, Brad B Harvell, Lee A Stafford, Gary S Baldus, Michael M Gordon: Domain name resolution resource allocation. Limelight Networks, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, April 27, 2010: US07707314 (150 worldwide citation)

A content delivery network (CDN) for delivering content over the Internet is disclosed in one embodiment. The CDN is configured to deliver content for others and includes a domain resolution service (DNS) server, caching servers and an Internet interface. The DNS server receives a first domain resol ...