King Smith Oliver Peter, Smit Bernardus H, Hadizad Peyman: Combination touch and transducer input system and method. Wacom, April 7, 2010: EP2172834-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

A combination touch and transducer input system is provided, which facilitates user input into an electronic system with a finger and/or a transducer (e.g., a stylus). The system includes a transducer configured to generate an electric field, and a sensor including an array of electrodes and a contr ...

WERNER JON H: [fr] Produits de programme, procédés et systèmes pour la fourniture de services de surveillance de ladéquation sensible à lemplacement, [de] Programmprodukte, Verfahren und Systeme zur Bereitstellung von standortsbezogenen Fitnessüberwachungsdiensten, [en] Program products, methods and systems for providing location-aware fitness monitoring services. ADIDAS, April 7, 2010: EP2172249-A2 (20 worldwide citation)

[en] Program products, methods, and systems for providing location-aware fitness monitoring services are disclosed. Tn an embodiment of the present invention, a method of displaying a route traversed by an athlete equipped with a location-aware portable fitness monitoring device includes the steps o ...

Kim Jeong Tae, Lim Hye Bong: Mobile terminal and user interface of mobile terminal. LG Electronics, April 7, 2010: EP2172836-A2 (20 worldwide citation)

A method of controlling a mobile terminal and which includes displaying contents on a display screen of the terminal, receiving a signal indicating a portion of the display screen on the mobile terminal has been designated, and executing, via a control unit, a preset function corresponding to an out ...

Kim Sangwook, Kim Sunil, Park Jaechul, Kim Changjung, Song Ihun: Inverter, method of operating the same and logic circuit comprising inverter. Samsung Electronics, April 7, 2010: EP2172972-A2 (18 worldwide citation)

Provided are an inverter, a method of operating the inverter, and a logic circuit including the inverter. The inverter may include a load transistor (T1) and a driving transistor (T2), and at least one of the load transistor and the driving transistor may have a double gate structure. A threshold vo ...

Stein Gideon: Bundling of driver assistance systems. Mobileye Vision Technologies, April 7, 2010: EP2172873-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

A method for calibrating a camera in a vehicle for use in a driver assistance system. The method is adapted for setting camera orientation and/or camera height parameter. An upright target is placed in the field of view of the camera at a first distance in front of the vehicle. Typically the first d ...

SELKEE THOMAS VAINO: [fr] Cathéter captant la force doté dun jambage central lié, [de] Kraftmessender Katheter mit verbundener Zentralstrebe, [en] Force-sensing catheter with bonded center strut. BIOSENSE WEBSTER, April 7, 2010: EP2172240-A1 (16 worldwide citation)

[en] A force-sensing catheter (100) for diagnosing or treating the vessels found within a body or body space includes a center strut (80) that is bonded, preferably thermally, along its longitudinal axis with the thermoplastic tubular member within which it is housed. The tubular member preferably h ...

Ogihara Tsutomu, Ueda Takafumi, Yano Toshiharu: Metal oxide-containing film-forming composition metal oxide-containing film-formed substrate, and patterning process. Shinetsu Chemical Co, April 7, 2010: EP2172808-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a thermosetting metal oxide-containing film-forming composition for forming a metal oxide-containing film to be formed in a multilayer resist process used in lithography, the thermosetting metal oxide-containing film-forming composition comprising, at least: (A) a metal oxide-cont ...



Turner Bryan J: Postal service revenue protection with real-time processing. Raf Technology, April 7, 2010: EP2172751-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for weighing an article, such as a mail piece, while the article is moving at high speed, and for checking that the correct amount of postage has been paid for delivery of the article. An article (900) is received from an intake transport (1200), and gripped in a weighing stati ...

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