Dieter Joos Steven Terryn
Steven Terryn, Dieter Joos: Bandwidth calibration of active filter. STMicroelectronics Belgium, Lisa K Jorgenson, James H Morris, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, April 6, 2010: US07692484 (3 worldwide citation)

An active RC filter has an op-amp and a biasing circuit arranged to bias the op-amp to set a gain bandwidth product of the op-amp according to a desired pole frequency of the filter. The biasing circuit is operable according to an output of an RC calibration circuit. The op-amp can be an OTA transco ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: System and method for detection of earthquakes and tsunamis, and hierarchical analysis, threat classification, and interface to warning systems. International Business Machines Corporation, Yee & Associates P C, John R Pivnichny, April 6, 2010: US07693663 (14 worldwide citation)

A computer implemented method of producing macro-view conclusion data related to a seismic event. The method includes receiving at a processing center a set of data related to a parameter of a seismic event. The parameter is measured using a vibration sensor of a hard disk drive of a computer at a k ...

Eb Eshun
Anil K Chinthakindi, Douglas D Coolbaugh, Ebenezer E Eshun, John E Florkey, Robert M Rassel, Kunal Vaed: Polysilicon containing resistor with enhanced sheet resistance precision and method for fabrication thereof. International Business Machines Corporation, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser P C, Joseph P Abate Esq, April 6, 2010: US07691717 (3 worldwide citation)

A polysilicon containing resistor includes: (1) a p dopant selected from the group consisting of boron and boron difluoride; and (2) an n dopant selected from the group consisting of arsenic and phosphorus. Each of the p dopant and the n dopant has a dopant concentration from about 1e18 to about 1e2 ...

Erwin Meinders
Erwin Rinaldo Meinders: Laser beam recorder and method for controlling a laser beam recorder. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, April 6, 2010: US07693014

The present invention relates to a method for controlling a LBR (Laser Beam Recorder) (56) suitable for mastering a record carrier (60) by writing data in the record carrier in circular or spiral tracks and comprising: means (58) for rotating a record carrier; means (62) for moving a laser (61) over ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: Scalable router-switch. Maged E Beshai, April 6, 2010: US07693142 (14 worldwide citation)

A scalable router-switch comprises a plurality of switch units each having consolidation means for data disassembling and reassembling. The switch units are arranged into switch modules and the switch units of each switch module are interconnected through a dual rotator to form a contention-free tem ...

Daniel T Wallace, S Christopher Anderson, Scott Manzo: Platform link wrist mechanism. Intuitive Surgical, April 6, 2010: US07691098 (405 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a robotic surgical tool for use in a robotic surgical system to perform a surgical operation. The robotic surgical tool includes a wrist mechanism disposed near the distal end of a shaft which connects with an end effector. The wrist mechanism includes a distal member ...

Robert A Kennewick, David Locke, Michael R Kennewick Sr, Michael R Kennewick Jr, Richard Kennewick, Tom Freeman, Stephen F Elston: Mobile systems and methods for responding to natural language speech utterance. VoiceBox Technologies, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, April 6, 2010: US07693720 (403 worldwide citation)

Mobile systems and methods that overcomes the deficiencies of prior art speech-based interfaces for telematics applications through the use of a complete speech-based information query, retrieval, presentation and local or remote command environment. This environment makes significant use of context ...

Kenneth Kocienda, Scott Herz, Richard Williamson, Gregory Novick, Virgil Scott King, Chris Blumenberg, Marcel Van Os, Bas Ording, Scott Forstall, Imran Chaudhri, Greg Christie, Stephen O Lemay: Keyboards for portable electronic devices. Apple, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, April 6, 2010: US07694231 (150 worldwide citation)

A plurality of icons are displayed on a touch-sensitive display. A respective icon in at least a subset of the plurality of icons corresponds to two or more symbols. A contact by a user with the touch-sensitive display that corresponds to the respective icon is detected. A respective symbol in the t ...

Jon C Schenberger, Michael G Fisher: Transverse acting surgical saw blade. Synvasive Technology, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, April 6, 2010: US07691106 (150 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments provide surgical cutting devices and systems for orthopedic and other procedures. Specific embodiments provide saw devices for accessing and cutting subjacent bone and other tissue while minimizing injury to surrounding tissue. One embodiment provides a transverse acting saw blad ...

Wei Zhang, Yingjian Chen, Satoru Araki, Mohamad T Krounbi: Method for fabricating magnetoresistive read head having a bias structure with at least one dusting layer. Western Digital, April 6, 2010: US07691434 (139 worldwide citation)

A method of fabricating a bias structure of a magnetoresistive read head for a magnetoresistive sensor stack formed on a substrate includes forming an underlayer and forming a bias layer over the underlayer. The method further includes forming a dusting layer directly below at least one of the under ...