yuan xing Lee
Jingfeng Liu, Shaohua Yang, Hongwei Song, Yuan Xing Lee: Methods and Apparatus for Selective Data Retention Decoding in a Hard Disk Drive. Ryan Mason & Lewis, April 1, 2010: US20100083075-A1

Methods and apparatus are provided for improved physical re-read operations in a hard disk drive. The disclosed methods and apparatus selectively retain data in a hard disk drive. A signal is read in an iterative read channel by assigning a reliability metric to each of a plurality of segments in a ...

Ishida Takuya: 切削インサート、切削工具、およびそれらを用いる切削方法 (JA), Cutting insert, cutting tool, and cutting method using cutting insert and cutting tool (EN). KYOCERA CORPORATION, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/035831 (162 worldwide citation)

A cutting insert is provided with an upper surface, a lower surface, side surfaces for interconnecting the upper surface and the lower surface, cutting edges located at the intersections between the upper surface and the side surfaces, and grooves located in the side surfaces, extending from the upp ...

REN PINGDA: Heterocyclic kinase inhibitors. INTELLIKINE, Wong Karen K, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/036380 (81 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides heterocyclic compounds for use as kinase inhibitors and in other applications. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions and methods of treatments of diseases and conditions associated with P13 kinase activity.

ROGERS JOHN A: Arrays of ultrathin silicon solar microcells. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, Chapman Gary B, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/036807 (79 worldwide citation)

Provided are solar cells, photovoltaics and related methods for making solar cells, wherein the solar cell is made of ultrathin solar grade or low quality silicon. In an aspect, the invention is a method of making a solar cell by providing a solar cell substrate having a receiving surface and assemb ...

KESLER MORRIS P: Wireless energy transfer systems. WITRICITY CORPORATION, Mazzarese Robert A, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/036980 (75 worldwide citation)

Described herein are improved capabilities for a source resonator having a Q- factor Q1>100 and a characteristic size x1 coupled to an energy source, and a second resonator having a Q-factor Q2>100 and a characteristic size x2 coupled to an energy drain located a distance D from the source resonator ...

ERHART RICHARD ALEX: System, device and method for securing a device component. VALIDITY SENSORS, Stevens David R, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/036445 (60 worldwide citation)

A novel system, device and method of validation is provided for sensing a biometric such as a fingerprint, where biometric data corresponding to the biometric entity such as a fingerprint is then transmitted to a host configured to perform a plurality of authentication processes to authenticate the ...

WU BENJAMIN CHIAU PIN: Systems and methods for producing biofuels from algae. LIVEFUELS, Peterson James W, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/036334 (54 worldwide citation)

The invention provides systems and methods for producing biofuel from algae wherein the algae and fishes are co-cultured in a body of water. The methods further comprise inducing the algae to accumulate lipids by environmental stress, and concentrating the algae prior to extraction of the algal oil. ...

Aïn Jacques: Procédé et dispositif dauthentification de données transmises relatives à lusage dun véhicule et/ou au comportement de son conducteur (FR), Method and device for authenticating transmitted data related to the use of a vehicle and/or to the behaviour of the driver thereof (EN). ACT CONCEPTS, Carrillo Hervé, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/034909 (49 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method and to a device that use a portable electronic system, such as a mobile telephone or GPS receiver or personal navigation device (PND), and an electronic insurance label attached onto the vehicle. The assembly ensures that the information transmitted by the portable ...

Busri Saharudin: A holding and supporting apparatus. MIMOS BERHAD, Damodharan Ramakrisna, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/036090 (49 worldwide citation)

A holding and supporting apparatus (10) to hold an item (11) such as a portable digital device including a tablet personal computer (tablet PC) and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), comprising a pair of panels with a malleable spine, and at least one magnet or other clasping means (28) encased withi ...

HUTCHINSON JOHN HOWARD: HETEROARYL ANTAGONISTS OF PROSTAGLANDIN D2 RECEPTORS. AMIRA PHARMACEUTICALS, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, April 1, 2010: WO/2010/037059 (37 worldwide citation)

Described herein are compounds that are antagonists of PGD2 receptors. Also described are pharmaceutical compositions and medicaments that include the compounds described herein, as well as methods of using such antagonists of PGD2 receptors, alone and in combination with other compounds, for treati ...