Jack Hao
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A graphical mapping system configured to display mapping information on a handheld device is disclosed. The system includes an image map database configured to store map data for a plurality of geographic areas, which is useful for generating graphical maps. The system further includes a vector map ...

Eb Eshun
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A method to integrate MIM capacitors into conductive interconnect levels, with low cost impact, and high yield, reliability and performance than existing integration methods is provided. This is accomplished by recessing a prior level dielectric for MIM capacitor level alignment followed by depositi ...

Roger DiPaolo
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An embodiment of a scanning system is described including optical elements that direct an excitation beam at a probe array, detectors that receive reflected intensity data responsive to the excitation beam, where the reflected intensity data is responsive to a focusing distance between an optical el ...


Matthias Bauer
Matthias Bauer: Methods of depositing electrically active doped crystalline Si-containing films. ASM America, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 30, 2010: US07687383 (7 worldwide citation)

Methods of making Si-containing films that contain relatively high levels of Group III or Group V dopants involve chemical vapor deposition using trisilane and a dopant precursor. Extremely high levels of substitutional incorporation may be obtained, including crystalline silicon films that contain ...

Dan Miller
Daniel N Miller, David D Young: Conformal aero-adaptive nozzle/aftbody. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bracewell & Giuliani, March 30, 2010: US07686256 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides flow field control techniques that adapt the aft body region flow field to eliminate or mitigate the development of massive separated flow field zones and associated unsteady vortical flow field structures. Embodiments of the present invention use one or more distribut ...



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The surgical instrument includes a distal tool, a rigid or flexible elongated shaft that supports the distal tool, and a proximal handle or control member, where the tool and the handle are coupled to the respective distal and proximal ends of the elongated shaft via distal and proximal bendable mot ...

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A cordless system has cordless system components that include a cordless device, such as a cordless power tool, a battery pack and a charger. The battery pack is mated with either the cordless device to provide power to operate the cordless device or to the charger to charge the battery cells in the ...