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[en] A surgical cutting and fastening instrument that is motorized. The instrument comprises in one embodiment a charge accumulator device, separate from a battery, that provides additional power to the motor under certain conditions. In addition, the motor may comprise multiple windings.

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[en] A surgical stapling instrument including a latch for securing first and second jaw members together, a cutting member which can be advanced and/or retracted relative to first and second jaw members, and, in addition, a lock which can prevent, or at least inhibit, the cutting member from being m ...


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[en] A motor-driven surgical cutting and fastening instrument that comprises an end effector, a shaft connected to the end effector, and handle connected to the shaft. The end effector may comprise a cutting instrument that, when actuated, longitudinally traverses the end effector to cut tissue clam ...

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[en] A fan assembly comprises a nozzle 1 mounted on a base 16 which houses means for creating an air flow through the nozzle 1. The nozzle 1 comprises an interior passage 10 which receives air flow from the base 16, and a mouth 12 through which the air flow is emitted. The nozzle 1 extends substanti ...

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A wireless-IC-device main part (6) is disposed on a surface opposite a surface for receiving signals from a reader/writer. The wireless-IC-device main part (6) has an insulating substrate, which is provided with a loop electrode (7) and an electromagnetically coupled module (1) coupled to the loop e ...

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A method is provided of controlling delivery of digital content to a user terminal in a network. The digital content is at least one of video data and audio data. The network comprises a central controller connected to access points. Each of the access points is for access by respective multiple use ...