Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Jie Yu, Guoxiao Guo: System and method for identifying track squeeze errors (TSEs) of a disk of a disk drive. Western Digital Technologies, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, February 16, 2010: US07663835 (115 worldwide citation)

A system and method for efficiently identifying track squeeze errors (TSEs) of a disk of a disk drive during a testing process for the disk drive is disclosed. The method includes reading servo bursts from a track of the disk, utilizing a modeled scan variable, and determining a gain comprising a ra ...

Eb Eshun
Anthony K Stamper, Anil K Chinthakindi, Douglas D Coolbaugh, Timothy J Dalton, Daniel C Edelstein, Ebenezer E Eshun, Jeffrey P Gambino, William J Murphy, Kunal Vaed: Air gap under on-chip passive device. International Business Machines Corporation, Lisa U Jaklitsch, Daryl K Neff, February 16, 2010: US07662722 (10 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for fabricating a microelectronic chip which includes a passive device such, as an inductor, overlying an air gap. In such method, a plurality of front-end-of-line (“FEOL”) devices are formed in a semiconductor region of the microelectronic chip, and a plurality of stacked inter ...


Ulrich Klostermann
Ulrich Klostermann: Magnetoresistive random access memory device with alternating liner magnetization orientation. Qimonda, ALTIS Semiconductor SNC, Slater & Matsil L, February 16, 2010: US07663198

An arrangement of magnetic liners for the bit lines or word lines of an MRAM device that reduces or eliminates stray magnetic fields at the ends of the magnetic liners, thereby reducing the occurrence of offset fields over portions of the MRAM device due to the magnetic liners is described. The orie ...




Steve Hotelling, Joshua A Strickon, Brian Q Huppi: Multipoint touchscreen. Apple, Morrison & Foerster, February 16, 2010: US07663607 (1676 worldwide citation)

A touch panel having a transparent capacitive sensing medium configured to detect multiple touches or near touches that occur at the same time and at distinct locations in the plane of the touch panel and to produce distinct signals representative of the location of the touches on the plane of the t ...

Richard T Briganti, James F McGuckin Jr, Walter H Peters, James S Tarmin, Stephan A DeFonzo: Vascular hole closure device. Rex Medical, Neil D Gershon, February 16, 2010: US07662161 (240 worldwide citation)

A device for closing an aperture in a vessel wall comprising an elongated member having a longitudinal axis and positionable inside the vessel against the internal opening of the aperture. The elongated member has a dimension to prevent egress of fluid through the aperture. A material forms two curv ...

David S Breed: Asset system control arrangement and method. Intelligent Technologies International, Brian Roffe, February 16, 2010: US07663502 (187 worldwide citation)

System and method for wirelessly controlling systems in an asset, such as a house or trailer, in which a movable device, such as a PDA, cellular telephone or vehicle, includes a transmitter arranged to transmit signals, and a control unit is arranged on or in connection with the asset and includes a ...