David Sherrer
William D Houck, David W Sherrer: Three-dimensional microstructures having an embedded support member with an aperture therein and method of formation thereof. Nuvotronics PLLC, Sherr & Vaughn PLLC, February 2, 2010: US07656256 (37 worldwide citation)

Provided are three-dimensional microstructures and their methods of formation. The microstructures are formed by a sequential build process and include microstructural elements which are affixed to one another. The microstructures find use, for example, in coaxial transmission lines for electromagne ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois, Christophe Duquenne, Wolfgang Holderich, Jacques Kervennal: Process for dehydrating glycerol to acrolein. Arkema France, Steven D Boyd, February 2, 2010: US07655818 (12 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for manufacturing acrolein by gas-phase dehydration of glycerol in the presence of strongly acidic solid catalysts with a Hammett acidity H0 of between −9 and −18 and preferably between −10 and −16.

Yanning Song Yanning Song
Christina M Lampe Onnerud, Yanning Song, Richard V Chamberlain II, Per Onnerud: Method and device for controlling a storage voltage of a battery pack. Boston Power, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds P C, February 2, 2010: US07656125 (6 worldwide citation)

A storage voltage of a battery pack is controlled with control electronics. The storage voltage of a battery pack is sensed, and a discharge mechanism is triggered if the storage voltage is within a predetermined range of voltage, to thereby adjust the storage voltage of the battery pack to below th ...


Kazi Zaman
Kazi A Zaman, Shimin Song, Ed Shaw Lee Suen: Conversion of a relational database query to a query of a multidimensional data source by modeling the multidimensional data source. Siebel Systems, Campbell Stephenson, February 2, 2010: US07657516 (17 worldwide citation)

A facility for processing a relational database query is described. The facility receives the relational database query, and constructs a multidimensional database query based on the received relational database query. The facility submits the constructed multidimensional database query for executio ...

Roger McAulay, Samuel Cohen: Distributed electronic entertainment method and apparatus. e cast, Van Pelt Yi & James, February 2, 2010: US07657910 (516 worldwide citation)

A distributed electronic entertainment method and apparatus are described. In one embodiment, a central management resource is coupled to multiple out-of-home venues through a wide area network (WAN). The central management resource stores content and performs management, monitoring and entertainmen ...

Imran Chaudhri, Bas Ording, Freddy Allen Anzures, Marcel Van Os, Stephen O Lemay, Scott Forstall, Greg Christie: Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image. Apple, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, February 2, 2010: US07657849 (495 worldwide citation)

A device with a touch-sensitive display may be unlocked via gestures performed on the touch-sensitive display. The device is unlocked if contact with the display corresponds to a predefined gesture for unlocking the device. The device displays one or more unlock images with respect to which the pred ...

Joseph C Hueil, Kenneth S Wales, Chad P Boudreaux: Surgical instrument with guided laterally moving articulation member. Ethicon Endo Surgery, February 2, 2010: US07654431 (451 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument particularly suited to endoscopic use articulates an end effector by including a laterally sliding member in a proximal portion of a shaft that pivots the end effector to a selected side. Differentially opposing actuating forces (e.g., hydraulic, fluidic, mechanical) act agains ...

Peter C Simpson, Mark Shults, Rathbun K Rhodes, Paul V Goode Jr, Arnold L Holmquist: Implantable analyte sensor. DexCom, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 2, 2010: US07657297 (389 worldwide citation)

An implantable analyte sensor including a sensing region for measuring the analyte and a non-sensing region for immobilizing the sensor body in the host. The sensor is implanted in a precisely dimensioned pocket to stabilize the analyte sensor in vivo and enable measurement of the concentration of t ...

Mark Brister, Paul V Neale, Sean Saint, James Patrick Thrower, Thomas F McGee, Daniel Shawn Codd, David Michael Petersen, Daniel S Kline: Transcutaneous analyte sensor. DexCom, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 2, 2010: US07654956 (361 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for measuring an analyte in a host. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for transcutaneous measurement of glucose in a host.