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When a trading application on a client terminal receives a trade order, a randomizer application may automatically randomize one or more order parameters to generate a randomized order. For example, an order quantity, a price level, and/or a time period between sending any two consecutive orders may ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
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A method for optimally selecting a subset of decisions from a first plurality of decisions related to management of a chaotic event. The first plurality of decisions related to the chaotic event is received. A heuristic algorithm is used to eliminate a first subset of decisions. The first subset of ...

Katherina Babich
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Methods of forming a mask for implanting a substrate and implanting using an implant stopping layer with a photoresist provide lower aspect ratio masks that cause minimal damage to trench isolations in the substrate during removal of the mask. In one embodiment, a method of forming a mask includes: ...

Shankar M V
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An electron emissive material comprises an alkaline earth metal halide composition and operable to emit electrons on excitation. A lamp including an envelope, an electrode including an alkaline earth metal halide electron emissive material and a discharge material, is also disclosed.

Tammy Balzar
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A fluid-containing pouch is presented including a top layer having an outer surface; a bottom layer attached to the top layer and forming a cavity therebetween; an opening in the top layer allowing fluid communication between the cavity and the outer surface; a seal removably attached to the outer s ...

Durga Malladi
Da shan Shiu, Durga P Malladi: Scheduling techniques for a packet-access network. D Scott Juneau, January 26, 2010: US07653028 (5 worldwide citation)

Multiple access interference may be substantially removed by introducing a near-far situation in which a near mobile and a far mobile (“near” and “far” based on signal strength) are selected, resources allocated among these and other mobiles, and the data is packetized for transmission during a tran ...


Ganesh Sundaram
Ganesh Sundaram, Hitesh Amin, John Diab, Thomas Eric Ryle, Charles Allen Carriker Jr, Marc Bennett, Michael D Blair: Method and apparatus for guaranteed in-order delivery for FICON over SONET/SDH transport. Cisco Technology, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, January 26, 2010: US07653066

In network systems for transporting GFP-encapsulated FICON frames across a SONET/SDH transport network between FICON ports, the transport interfaces for the FICON ports operate to drop duplicate and out-of-order frames transported across the SONET/SDH network. The transmitting transport interface in ...

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Proximity based systems and methods that are implemented on an electronic device are disclosed. The method includes sensing an object spaced away and in close proximity to the electronic device. The method also includes performing an action in the electronic device when an object is sensed.

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Methods and apparatus are provided for renal neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field to effectuate electroporation or electrofusion. It is expected that renal neuromodulation (e.g., denervation) may, among other things, reduce expansion of an acute myocardial infarction, reduce or prevent the ...