Ana Londergan
Jeremie J Dalton, M Ziaul Karim, Ana R Londergan: Method and apparatus for providing uniform gas delivery to a reactor. Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, December 31, 2009: US20090324829-A1

A gas distribution system for a reactor having at least two distinct gas source orifice arrays displaced from one another along an axis defined by a gas flow direction from the gas source orifice arrays towards a work-piece deposition surface such that at least a lower one of the gas source orifice ...

David Mosley
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A self-replicating monolayer system employing polymerization of monomers or nanoparticle ensembles on a defined template provides a method for synthesis of two-dimensional single molecule polymers. Systems of self-replicating monolayers are used as templates for growth of inorganic colloids. A prefe ...

Parichay Saxena
Gurdeep Singh Pall, Ajitesh Kishore, Lewis C Levin, Parichay Saxena, Patrice Y Simard: Dynamic media augmentation for presentations. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes Pllc, December 31, 2009: US20090327896-A1

A presentation system is provided. The presentation system includes a presentation component that provides an electronic data sequence for one or more members of an audience. A monitor component analyzes one or more media streams associated with the electronic data sequence, where a processing compo ...

Parichay Saxena
Gurdeep Singh Pall, Christopher H Pratley, Ajitesh Kishore, Lewis C Levin, Parichay Saxena, Patrice Y Simard: Information worker creating component application without writing code to create the applications. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes Pllc, December 31, 2009: US20090327322-A1

A data processing system for data exchange across application boundaries is provided. The system includes a canvas memory in which to open multiple applications. A transform component generates data structures across the canvas memory in at least one application form and automatically transforms the ...

Klemens Dworatzek, Ralf Bauder, Steffen Ackermann: Air Filter Unit having a Radially Divided Housing. Mann Hummel, Mann Hummel, Department VR P, December 31, 2009: US20090320425-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

In a filter element (10) having a filter bellows (11) which is covered at each end by an end disk (13, 14), the end disks (13, 14) are each provided with at least one coupling element for coupling to a filter housing (20) and connected to one another via at least one central tube (12) spanning the f ...