Mark M Leather, Eric Demers: Parallel pipeline graphics system. ATI Technologies ULC, Vedder Price P C, December 15, 2009: US07633506 (68 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a parallel pipeline graphics system. The parallel pipeline graphics system includes a back-end configured to receive primitives and combinations of primitives (i.e., geometry) and process the geometry to produce values to place in a frame buffer for rendering on scre ...

Tim Reed, Michael R Guerrette, Clive Roberts: Fairway wood type golf club. Adams Golf IP, Gallagher & Dawsey Co LPA, Michael J Gallagher, David J Dawsey, December 15, 2009: US07632196 (67 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a unique fairway wood type golf club. The club is a high moment of inertia fairway wood type golf club characterized by a long blade length with a long heel blade length section, while having a small club moment arm and all the benefits afforded therefrom. The fairway wood i ...

Donald C Miller: Electromotive drives. Fallbrook Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 15, 2009: US07632203 (67 worldwide citation)

A transmission having a plurality of tilting balls and opposing input and output discs provides an infinite number of speed combinations over its transmission ratio range. The transmission provides multiple powerpaths and can be combined with electrical components to provide motor/generator function ...

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A golf club is described having a club head which is fastened to a club shaft end and whose striking plate is connected at an edge side to a main body, with the main body made as a hollow body having a receiver and fixing for a central weight disposed opposite and centered with respect to the striki ...

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A memory device and programming and/or reading process is described that programs and/or reads the cells in the memory array with higher threshold voltage resolution than required. In programming non-volatile memory cells, this allows a more accurate threshold voltage placement during programming an ...

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A system and method for associating data objects utilizing unique identifiers is provided. Data objects are modeled utilizing a data object ontology. Unique identifiers for instances of each data object are calculated utilizing a selection of unique attributes of the data object ontology. Data objec ...

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A stamper having a patterned layer composed of a hard material and a compressible material back plane layer. The back plane layer may be composed of an elastomer. The stamper may be used to imprint an embossable layer disposed above a substrate for the production of a magnetic recording disk.

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A coding section 201 of a transmitter receives an input of a transmitting signal and LDPC-codes the received signal, a serial-to-parallel conversion section 102 converts the coded signal from serial to parallel, and outputs m (m≧2) intermediate signals, a unitary matrix modulation section 103 modula ...

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In a preferred embodiment, the present invention is an asymmetric data processing system having two or more groups of processors that have attributes that are optimized for their assigned functions. A first processor group, which may be SMP machines, are responsible for interfacing with applications ...

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An electrosurgical apparatus for performing a surgical procedure on a target site, comprising a shaft having a distal end portion, the distal end portion comprising an active electrode including a fuse leg, the fuse leg adapted to break and disable the instrument upon applying a voltage differential ...