Steven I Carlson, Scott E Riffe: Call handling scheme to reduce roaming charges. AT&T Mobility II, Moazzam & Assoc, December 1, 2009: US07627314 (143 worldwide citation)

A second switch receives an indication from a roaming network that a call forwarded by the roaming network has been dropped by the roaming network, and in response to receiving the indication, forwards the call from a first switch.

Curtis A Vock, Burl W Amsbury, Eric R Edstrom, Robert Muir Holme, Paul Jonjak, Adrian F Larkin, Perry Youngs: Movement and event systems and associated methods. Apple, Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, December 1, 2009: US07627451 (139 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a smart sensor (10) in the form of an adhesive bandage (32). The sensor (12) sticks to people and objects and wirelessly communicates with remote receivers (24). Internal detectors (12) sense conditions associated with movement or the environment of the sensor. Typically, sens ...

Lydia Breck, Jessica Zoob, Glen Salow, Fred Bishop, William Schwarz, Elliot Glazer, David Johnstone, Katie Cunningham, Anant Nambiar, Jan Nunney Belt, Martin Wittwer, David Armes, Christina Chow: System for facilitating a transaction. American Express Travel Related Services Company, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, December 1, 2009: US07627531 (123 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a system and method for facilitating a transaction using a secondary transaction number that is associated with a cardholder's primary account. The cardholder provides the secondary transaction number, often with limited-use conditions associated therewith, to a mercha ...

Rob Zienkewicz, Dave Harper, Kenneth V Buer, John DeCamp: Interface for waveguide pin launch. Viasat, Snell & Wilmer L, December 1, 2009: US07625131 (119 worldwide citation)

in general, in accordance with an exemplary aspect of the present invention, a low-loss interface for connecting an integrated circuit such as a monolithic microwave integrated circuit to an energy transmission device such as a waveguide is disclosed. In one exemplary embodiment, the interface compr ...

David Lawrence Levett, Robert Ian Mills, Yih Chyun Jin: Presentation service which enables client device to run a network based application. Integra SP, Saul Ewing, December 1, 2009: US07627658 (114 worldwide citation)

A presentation server which enables a client device to run a network based application by sending structured data from one or more data sources to software on the client device. The presentation server decouples the client device from the data source by (i) insulating the data source from needing to ...

Wolfgang Kober, Robert Kent Krumvieda, Lewis Reynolds, Steven Alan Kadlec: Mitigating interference in a signal. Data Fusion Corporation, Sheridan Ross P C, December 1, 2009: US07626542 (113 worldwide citation)

A method and receiver are disclosed for mitigating or substantially canceling signal interference between signals detected at the receiver. Once a presumed interfering signal(s) is acquired, parameters are determined that allow the interferer(s) to be modeled. The phase invariance of the process eli ...

Nikolaj Deichmann, Tais Clausen, Rune Fisker, Christophe Vasiljev Barthe: Method and apparatus for three-dimensional optical scanning of interior surfaces. 3Shape ApS, Jacobson Holman PLLC, December 1, 2009: US07625335 (113 worldwide citation)

A scanner for three-dimensional scanning of interior surfaces or cavities of limited dimensions or with restricted accessibility. The scanner includes a probe having an axis and at least one light source and one camera adapted to perform a scan 360° around the axis of the probe. High precision three ...

Jie Yu, Kuang Yang Tu, Young Hoon Kim, Wei Xi: Disk drive employing iterative learning control for tuning seek servo loop. Western Digital Technologies, Howard H Sheerin Esq, December 1, 2009: US07626782 (110 worldwide citation)

A disk drive is disclosed operable to seek a head from a first radial location over a disk to a second radial location over the disk. A reference signal is initialized, a feed-forward control signal is initialized, and a seek is initiated. During the seek operation, a position error signal (PES) is ...

Charles L Saltzman, Albert H Burstein, Jonathan T Deland: Ankle prosthesis. University of Iowa Research Foundation, Jonathan T Deland, Albert H Burstein, Scott E Kamholz, Foley Hoag, December 1, 2009: US07625409 (105 worldwide citation)

A fixed-bearing ankle prosthesis may include tibial and talar components whose articulating surfaces directly contact one another. The tibial component defines medial and lateral concave condylar facets separated by a convex central portion. The talar component includes medial and lateral convex con ...

Ian A Buck, John R Nickolls, Michael C Shebanow, Lars S Nyland: Atomic memory operators in a parallel processor. NVIDIA Corporation, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, December 1, 2009: US07627723 (102 worldwide citation)

Methods, apparatuses, and systems are presented for updating data in memory while executing multiple threads of instructions, involving receiving a single instruction from one of a plurality of concurrently executing threads of instructions, in response to the single instruction received, reading da ...

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