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A surgical stapling device particularly suited for endoscopic procedures is described. The device includes a handle assembly and an elongated body extending distally from the handle assembly. The distal end of the elongated body is adapted to engage a disposable loading unit. A control rod having a ...

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An apparatus is disclosed for endoscopic application of surgical staples adapted to attach surgical mesh to body tissue in laparoscopic hernia surgery. The apparatus includes a frame, and a generally elongated endoscopic section connected to the frame and extending distally therefrom. A staple stora ...

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A rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a reflective element having at least one substrate with a reflective coating thereon. A specularly reflective indicia reflector is established to form indicia or information at the reflective element. The indicia reflector provides a visible contrast ...

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A system for object-based archival data storage includes an object-based storage subsystem having respective data storage devices, at least one file presentation interface that interfaces to client platforms, an administration interface having graphical user interface (GUI) and a command line interf ...

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A user interface provides historical and hierarchical search and navigation modes through previously selected and hierarchically linked multimedia applications, documents and directories. The system permits a search for information through hierarchically linked documents accessible via the Internet ...

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A tissue welding apparatus is adapted to fuse a first piece of tissue to a second piece of tissue which are disposed in a surface proximate relationship. An elongate shaft carries a first jaw, and a second opposing jaw moveable relative to the first jaw. At least one penetrating member is carried by ...

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A method for determining an intensity value of an interaction with a computer program is described. The method and device includes capturing an image of a capture zone, identifying an input object in the image, identifying an initial value of a parameter of the input object, capturing a second image ...

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A media player system is disclosed. One aspect of the media player system pertains to a docking station that allows a media player to communicate with other media devices. Another aspect of the media player system pertains to a wireless media player system that includes a hand held media player capa ...

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A second switch receives an indication from a roaming network that a call forwarded by the roaming network has been dropped by the roaming network, and in response to receiving the indication, forwards the call from a first switch.